Compare the Best POS Systems for Restaurants

Web-Based Point of Sale

cloud-systemThere is a beefy new restaurant POS in town with a buffet of complimentary features minus the hefty price tag that is helping restaurants around the country improve customer service, productivity and profitability. The solution is called Hula and aside from a minimal support and subscription fee, it is a completely free and scalable full-featured solution that you will never outgrow. It runs off of cloud based technology and autoupdates to keep your restaurant above the status quo. In fact, it has many features not found in competing POS solutions like Oracle Micro, NCR Aloha and Xpient, for example. Plus, Hula is the only POS that is designed by restaurant professionals for restaurant professionals. Whether you own a single fine dining restaurant, a multi-unit fast food chain or anything in between, you will never have to replace your POS again.

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Return on Investmentreturn-on-investment

Hula provides a web-based, cloud-administered point of sale system that has no hardware agreements or long-term contracts, you simply implement, pay a monthly fee and wait for a quick return on investment. A huge perk of Hula is the low immediate cost and an easy-to-use interface, making training an ease. The restaurant will not face heavy costs to implement Hula in terms of cost or training. This is a huge plus when compared to it’s closest competitors. Instead of an IT department, Hula is designed to be managed by an administrator—easy drag and drop capabilities allow managers to be the ultimate interface and menu designer. Hula makes managing a restaurant more simple because it allows less focus on the POS by each employee in the restaurant. The less time spent at the POS, means more transactions occurring per day, ultimately driving up profits.

Conversational Ordering

conversational-ordering-1A process as simple as taking guest orders can be time consuming in many competing systems when servers have to hunt and peck to enter entrees, special requests, discount coupons and side dishes because the guest didn’t call it out in the order the system was designed. This can be especially frustrating for larger groups and in restaurants still using pencil and paper.  Hula’s conversational ordering feature solves this dilemma by letting guests place their orders and preferences in their natural conversational flow giving them a friendlier dining experience without feeling as if they are interacting with a computer or waiting for the server to finish writing. Also, guest checks can be effortlessly split and combined in a click so guests can pay the way they prefer. Plus, when a returning guest wants to order the same as their last visit, servers are able to quickly recall and place the order. Now, how is that for customer service?


Enhancing Customer Service

Confident Waiter Using Digital Tablet In RestaurantWhile guests are relaxing in the dining room waiting for their tasty dishes to arrive, Hula has already alerted the chef and kitchen staff. This eliminates the need for servers to continuously leave their stations to run to the kitchen and interrupt the line just to place an order. This not only streamlines
operations enabling employees to better focus on serving customers, it also reduces mistakes and ensures everyone’s meal is delivered accurately without impeding delays. For a more personal touch, servers can add the customer’s name to the check and Hula’s exclusive recipe-based data structure makes it simple for servers to remove individual ingredients from menu items to satisfy customer preferences.


Easy-to-Use POS Interface

hula-pos-smallOnce the check is delivered to the table, guests can pay their server with cash and/or credit, debit or gift cards table side or at a cashiering station depending on the restaurant’s accounting and cost control procedures.  It’s also a PCI-compliant solution, the industry standard protocol for ensuring safe, secure and reliable credit/debit card transactions.


To help minimize cash handling errors and misapplying discounts, Hula automates complex pricing transactions and gives restaurants the ability to establish unlimited cash drawers. This means that servers, cashiers and delivery drivers, for instance, can each have their own drawer making it easier for management to spot and correct overages and shortages whenever they occur. Hula also prevents employees from using a cash drawer that is not assigned to them.


With Hula, restaurant staff will spend less time entering and managing orders and more time serving customers and management will have the real-time data they need to make smarter decisions about their business. If that weren’t enough, Hula provides on-site, chat and phone support whenever it is needed. Just download the software, follow the intuitive set-up wizard, connect your preferred POS terminals and you will soon agree that Hula is the most robust restaurant POS solution on the market today.

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