How to Save Money with Restaurant Forecasting

Whats in it for me?

With restaurant forecasting, you, and your management team, can easily predict:

  • How many shifts to schedule, meaning no more under, or over, staffing.
  • How much food to prepare, helping you cut food waste.
  • Quantity of ingredients to order.
  • How many guests to expect.

Sounds great, right? Then maybe it’s time to consider the Universal Forecasting in eRestaurant, amazingly intuitive restaurant management software.

How Universal Forecast Can Save Money

So, exactly how can restaurant forecasting help me plan?

The Universal Forecasting in eRestaurant looks at historical figures and projects what is going to happen in the future: predicting sales, transactions, product mix, and guest counts.

Okay, then what makes it intuitive?

The universal forecast uses advanced mathematical algorithms to automatically take into account factors such as special events, days closed, and sales trends. It takes the guess work out, and provides you with more accurate business planning.

Can you give me a few examples?

Let’s say you’ve noticed an increase of diners after a local football game. With the Universal Forecast in eRestaurant, you can upload the local football schedule and it will accurately account and predict for the increase in sales, enabling you to make the necessary adjustments in staffing and food prep.

eRestaurant is also connected to the National Weather Service. For example, if you sell ice cream, you’ve probably noticed an influx of guests on hot days. The universal forecast is able to see this trend and account for an increase of sales. It makes this prediction ahead of time, so you’re ready for everything.

What’s more? The universal forecast is able to self-correct and self-tune itself the longer you use it.

Yup, thats pretty intuitive. But, how exactly does it save me money?

The universal forecast accurately provides the amount of hours your restaurant would need to run optimally. That means you’ll never under, or over, staff again, saving you money in labor costs. eRestaurant also tells you how much inventory you need to order, and what and how much ingredients you would need to prep, thereby, reducing food waste to give you even more savings.

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