How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Inventory Count | SlideShare

For restaurant managers, the not-so-simple process of implementing an inventory control system (whether manual or electronic) is not enough to fix issues with inventory counts.  Operators really need to look at the inventory process as a whole for the restaurant, in order to ensure optimal efficiency.

The first priority needs to be establishing an inventory counting procedure.  Creating a detailed process on how inventory counts should be conducted will establish consistency among your employees.  Next, training the team that will be responsible for inventory management should be the next priority.  Well-trained staff enables inventory counts to be conducted properly, and ensures accuracy every time inventory is taken.

Thirdly, increasing the frequency of inventory counts is a step that is considered a high priority to improve inventory counting.  By increasing the number of inventory counts conducted, it is likely that the chances of human error will decrease. In addition, it will provide a more precise, real-time view of inventory.

Performing a second count and double-checking the inventory counts will allow for any mistakes on the inventory count to be caught.  An additional person can be assigned for the recount to bring a fresh pair of eyes to the count process.  Also, creating a custom inventory sheet that is aligned to the location of each item on the inventory count will increase the speed and efficiency of the inventory counts as a whole.

Finally, using a fully-integrated inventory management system like eRestaurant will provide additional checks and balances for any operators taking inventory counts.  It makes it easy to view daily, weekly, periodic or even annual inventory counts for accurate tracking and data.  eRestaurant allows portability for inventory counts, by allowing users to design custom inventory sheets or even to use the app to simultaneously update inventory while physically counting inventory.

With these steps in place, the process of solving problems with inventory counts will greatly reduce.  By creating an internal system that allows operators to see the process as a whole for the restaurant and likely to aid them in catching human errors will greatly improve the inventory counts as a whole and the restaurant’s bottom line.

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