Our Partners


“We’ve been able to reduce our actual versus theoretical food costs about three points per restaurant due to e*Restaurant.”

-Ryan, V.P., Abuelo’s

Duke’s Cafe

“I would absolutely recommend this system to other restaurants because of the cost, the implementation of the system is very fast and it makes it very easy for a complex menu.”

-George, Manager, Duke’s Café

El Gallo Grill

“The system is so easy that it took me and my staff about a day to pick up.”

-Gabriel, Manager, El Gallo’s Grill

Fresh Griller

“The simplicity, the efficiency, the ease of use, [Hula] gives us everything we need.”

-John, Managing Director, Fresh Griller

Gi Gi’s Cupcakes

“Absolutely the most beneficial tool that Xformity brought to us was being able to extract information from our online ordering.”

-Alan, President, Gi Gi’s Cupcakes

Katina’s Greek Kitchen

“With a friendly system like Hula, you can hire somebody today and tomorrow he is ready to work for you.”

-George, Owner, Katina’s Greek Kitchen

OnCue Express

“Their programming and system has allowed us to move forward in accomplishing our goals as a company.”

-Rocky, Director, OnCue Express

Pizza Rustica

“The great thing about Hula is that it lets us customize our POS system the way we want it to be, not the way the POS system thinks it’s going to need to be.”

-Manager, Pizza Rustica

Taco Bell

“Since we started using Xformity, our combined food cost and labor cost has decreased by at least 1 to 1.5% across 90 stores.”

-Michael, Taco Bell Franchisee