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Eight Business Management Software Products to Increase Company Profits

Here at Altametrics, we have developed software programs for each of these business strategies and conveniently assembled them in our Altametrics Enterprise Office solution. In developing these software packages, we at Altametrics remained cognizant that the common denominator is the employee at the executive, the management and the workforce levels.

Functionality and productivity at each level are necessary for any company to grow, retain market share and provide its customers with a great experience to develop loyalty and to warrant future transactions.

Below is a discussion of each management software package for utilization by any service-oriented company, whether food sales, retail or processing. The main theme of the implementation of each software package is the benefit of lower operational costs and increased profits.

The Best Scheduling App and Software for Effective Workforce Management

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The collective reasons for any business to implement a mobile scheduling app or employee scheduling software are the streamlined approaches which adapt to change, improved communications, and ensured compliance with labor laws. The most effective and efficient scheduling app for a business is one with real-time capabilities for employee-to-employee and management-to-employee changes once a schedule is posted.

It has been proven that employee morale increases when employees are given the ability to manage their schedules in real-time. The employee accessibility of a scheduling app and employee scheduling software solution, such as Altametrics Schedules, will have a positive effect on efficiency and performance at both the management and the work-shift levels. By extension, this scheduling app technology will lead to decreases in labor costs and increases in productivity.

Communication is always key. The ability to confirm whether an employee is present for an assigned time slot and for the employee to know of management’s acceptance of a change improves communication at every level.

It is essential for a mobile scheduling app and scheduling software to have the capability of tracking, storing and applying the needed credentials of employees. Alerts need to be sent to the manager and the staff regarding the need for continuing education credits or the expiration of a license or a certification. Any employee who is not qualified, or who is no longer in compliance, will be blocked from a shift or a task.

Procedural consistency in scheduling protocols is essential for business operations. The quality of performance and in the handling of changes will result in heightened morale. Consistent employee performance leads to customer satisfaction. Scheduling apps and software help to easily achieve consistent employee scheduling patterns.

A Time Clock App and Employee Time Clock Aid in Business Intelligence

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The integration of a time clock app into a company’s procedures will improve operations by using efficient recordkeeping and reliable metrics to measure the true costs of labor. Time clock software, like Altametrics Clock, will maintain the focus of management on the workforce and on the streamlining of processes.

The most direct and affirmative effect upon a company’s bottom line is the elimination of “buddy punching.” Businesses continue to lose substantial dollars from their inability to enforce against this act.

The incorporation of biometric technology in time clock software is secure, accessible and a convenient form of employee identification. Biometric time clock software does not require access by a passcode, a badge or a PIN. Each of these can be lost, forgotten or used by others. All data is permanent and specific to an individual.

Biometric time clock software and time clock app technology are flexible to allow a business to set thresholds to require an employee to explain, in real time, any deficiencies in reported work time against the scheduled shift time.

Time is money and both need to be managed.

HACCP, Food Safety Management, and Business Intelligence Software

Food management requires a lot of recordkeeping and paperwork. However, today, these food safety processes are simplified and organized through food safety management software. Those in the business of handling, distributing, selling and serving food know that data is expected to be provided quickly and accurately. Food safety software needs to meet the requirements of the regulatory agencies, the auditors and the customers.

The requirements of HACCP, food management, and food safety may seem like moving targets; however, effective software, such as Altametrics Food Management, will help food processors and handlers navigate regulations.

The key features in a food safety management system are the flexibility, simplicity, and rapid deployment of system changes. These elements will help a business mitigate risk and improve the process to achieve food safety. Critical capabilities of the Altametrics Food Management software are advanced analytics and computing with easy configuration.

The cost of food products also needs to be managed and scrutinized. Food safety software needs the capability to produce costing reports to evaluate sales data, menu costing, and inventory insight for the increase in profit.

In addition to cost and HACCP compliance features, a food safety management system can be utilized to manage waste, control portions, and provide data on nutrition analysis.

Altametrics Business Intelligence Software – What Is Ad Hoc Reporting?

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What is business intelligence? Generally, business intelligence translates to the retrieval, the study and the evaluation of data into meaningful information for informed decisions. Business intelligence software applies technology to generate data visualization, dashboards, and ad hoc reporting customized by management and others responsible for evaluating the data.

The business intelligence tools within the business intelligence software pull from the company’s internal data to function as a decision support system. A business intelligence app, such as Altametrics Business Intelligence, when utilized effectively, will enable the company to gain a competitive edge by improving and supporting decisions relative to its operations and processes.

Make informed decisions based on evidence and the proper analysis of business intelligence data with Altametrics Business Intelligence.

Business intelligence tools consolidate data from a variety of departments, locations, and cost centers to be queried and studied. Business intelligence data is stored and organized by facts and dimensions. Facts consist of the numbers for sales, employees, shifts, and costs. Dimensions give context to the facts, like dates, times, and locations. The Altametrics Business Intelligence system makes for an easier query and ad hoc reporting.

An operative business intelligence app must have the capability of ad hoc reporting. Ad hoc is Latin for “as the occasion requires.”

Users of business intelligence software must be able to easily access the reporting and analytical features to answer questions or present results.

The human factor remains the most important component of a decision. Business intelligence software is a tool to compile and analyze the results of the inputs. However, an informed decision is based upon the confidence of these inputs and the implementation of the business intelligence data into operations.

Implement Cash Management Software for Cash and Sales Monitoring

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For cash management software to be operational, there needs to be full visibility of cash flow. Cash can be managed to enhance liquidity, reduce receivables, and increase collections. Each strategy will result in an increase in profit.

Financial managers need cash management software that is comprehensive and flexible. The benefit of cash management software is providing real-time data within cost centers, locations, and across the entire company. Ad hoc reporting is an important component of cash management software.

Access to bank statements through a single interface with customized dashboards is necessary for access, security, and evaluation. A company’s most key resource is people, and the people responsible for cash management should not be burdened with tedious work.

The monitoring of sales and the movement of cash needs to be performed at each location, within each department, and throughout the organization.

Through real-time cash management data, all discrepancies in cash flow will become known. These cash flow discrepancies may be the root of decisions relating to personnel changes, operating procedures, and security.

The integration of inputs with the point-of-sale and accounting systems with a direct portal to the bank will achieve confidence in the ad hoc reporting feature within the software.

How Business Intelligence Can Improve Business and Sales Forecasting

enterprise universal forecasting
Forecasting has become a strategic tool for growing a business. The goal of operative forecasting is to maximize productivity relative to the cost of labor. The integration of the Altametrics Universal Forecasting software will enable a manager to strategically evaluate and develop a work schedule as competently as any data analyst.

Forecasting software melded into a company’s system can create predictions that are statistically based for broader planning. The customized forecasting reports can be specific to each site. The variables of square footage, the labor matrix, and transaction analysis will all result in predictive scheduling. These forecasts need to be compared to historical data for trends to become known.

Forecasting, specifically sales forecasting, is needed to prepare an operating budget and work schedules. Alternate plans and procedures can be extrapolated from forecasting data for any changes in capacity, promotional events, and marketing activities.

This strategy is the most subjective within the business plan. However, it is the forecasting data that is the basis of ongoing operations and future-forward tactics which give a company its competitive edge and increase in market share.

Business Intelligence and a Human Resources Solution

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The position of a human resource manager is the most diverse within a company. This person needs to function seamlessly between management and staff. The features within the human resource software must integrate with the scheduling and timekeeping systems for the “human” side of the workforce to be managed.

Human resource software must have the capabilities of identifying and maintaining an employee talent pool. HR data includes the gathering of information in performance, evaluations, training courses and plans for career development. All staff members need the objectives for aim and the tools to achieve goals. These policies will incentivize good performance because of employee engagement with the company.

Data collecting from the scheduling software must join in with the human resource software for the manager to track days taken for illness, vacation and personal leave. This information must conform with the employee handbook.

The reporting features of the Altametrics Human Resources solution will allow the manager, and the company’s executive team, to drill down and identify trends and issues that may need attention.

The role of the human resource manager is the most administrative-focused within a company. Important and necessary, this time needs to be managed and evaluated to be sure that executive talent is not being applied to inefficient and tedious tasks.

The Altametrics Human Resource software will ensure the time and talents of the human resource manager are as focused and as effective as that of any executive position.

Useful Business Intelligence Data From Your Timekeeping Solution

enterprise time keeping
The Altametrics Timekeeping software is integrated with point-of-sale and payroll systems for real-time reporting. The timekeeping solution can be melded with the Altametrics Schedules, Clock, and Human Resource software solutions for accurate data with one point of input. Ad hoc reports can be generated for time records and payroll to eliminate the need for manual time and recordkeeping.

With timekeeping software, the work at the management level to refute erroneously documented times will be reduced. The more time and energy available at the management level will increase the time spent on implementing policies to improve operations and progress with the business plan.

A company’s investment in, and the implementation of, business solution software is reflective of its position on the importance of workforce value, compliance and transparency. When all employees feel invested and engaged in a company, this confidence translates to the best delivery of customer service.

Customer loyalty is priceless. No company is successful without it.

Any business management software can store data, generate reports, and streamline input processes. However, it takes an employee with a vested interest in the company to analyze the business intelligence data and recommend appropriate changes. The business intelligence analysis needs to be implemented into the company’s operating procedures, and communicated to the employees, in order for the data to be effective.