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Your restaurant generates massive amounts of data every day from POS, back office, the speed of service systems, kitchen timers, guest satisfaction surveys and more. Let Altametrics show you how to effectively analyze that data to help drive better business decisions across your organization. Your executives and managers are busy running your operations; they don’t have time to wait around for information they need, and they certainly don’t have time to build complex formulas in a spreadsheet to figure out what to do next. Altametrics Business Intelligence takes the complexity out of analyzing information and keeps managers on your organization’s goals.

business intelligence management

Most flexible Business Intelligence tool available today

Management happens everywhere, not just in the office

Your busy team is never standing still and keeping up with store activities when not on site is a requirement for today’s managers and restaurant executives. With information updated throughout the day, your team can easily stay on top of things no matter where they are. Use any convenient device - phone, tablet, or laptop, to see what you need when you need it.

business intelligence integrations

Plays Well With Others

Immediate access to all of your business applications

With information pulled from your POS, back office, customer loyalty, finance, forecasting, scheduling, inventory, and kitchen timer systems, you get the whole picture now, not next week. Integrations are fast and easy with Altametrics Business Intelligence, so your employees spend their time reviewing information that makes sense rather than logging into several complex systems searching for the information they need.

business intelligence getting started

Get Started Quickly

No lengthy learning curve to slow you down

Altametrics Business Intelligence is easy to learn and use. Add or remove fields from reports with a click or two to get exactly what you want, already displayed in the order you select. You don’t need to know which system the data comes from or spend countless hours dragging and dropping data across the screen to get a meaningful report. It just works.

business intelligence reporting

Reporting for Everyone

All levels of management get and stay informed

No matter where you fall on the organization chart, you need unique information to do your job. That’s why Altametrics Business Intelligence tailors reports for store level managers, field level supervisors, above store leaders and corporate executives. Each group and individual see the level of detail appropriate to their role and sees the data in the format they need to get things running efficiently.

Store level details are critical for day-to-day management

Store managers and field level supervisors need store level details and store vs. store comparisons to see where they stand right now so they can know when they are performing well and take corrective action when objectives are not being met.

Key reports highlight important outliers

Area coaches and corporate executive need to see the exceptions that can mean the difference between being profitable and running at a loss. Sometimes what you don’t know can really hurt you, but with Altametrics Business Intelligence you are always in the know.

Pictures tell the story quickly

Graphs and charts help easily identify exceptions to the norm for leadership can act right away. Altametrics Business intelligence scatter charts and bar graphs are essential for above store managers to comprehend what is happening across the organization.

Put Business Intelligence that keeps getting smarter to work for you

business intelligence advanced reporting

Advanced Reporting

Back office reports for sales, labor, and operations

Ideal for store managers, above-store leaders, and senior management teams, these key reports cover the basics that measure day-to-day performance and support the daily decision-making processes of your leaders. Measure how each store compares to another whether it is across town, across the district, or across the country.

business intelligence sales report

Detailed Sales Reports

View sales at the end of each day part

Focus on single store details such as total sales, gross sales, and net sales to keep performance on track. You hold your managers accountable for these numbers. Give them a tool that monitors these numbers consistently so you and your managers can watch the numbers climb.

business intelligence custom reporting

Ad-Hoc Reporting

Create what you need when you need it

Altametrics Business Intelligence standard reports are comprehensive and detailed, but sometimes you need something extra to substantiate a decision or support a new initiative. Altametrics’ quick-click report builder will have everyone on your team, even seasoned managers, creating custom reports in minutes. No Excel experience required!

business intelligence labor report

Comprehensive Labor Reports

Manage exceptions to control costs

Keep your collective eyes on total labor hours, overtime hours, actual vs. scheduled hours and other exceptions to help control one of your company’s biggest expenses. Raise awareness across the organization when labor costs are higher than expected to expedite corrective action.

business intelligence schedule report

Schedule Report Delivery

Too busy to Login?

No worries, just set any report to run at a convenient time each day and Altametrics Business Intelligence will email the report to you and anyone else you choose. Schedule reports to run at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals and select the specific organizational hierarchy to use to sort the data, so you see exactly what you want. Send the report in PDF, HTML, Excel or all three.

business intelligence cash management theft

Simplified Transaction-Level Analysis

Easily identify trends in cash management and theft

Eliminate the burden of decoding massive amounts of transactional detail to determine trends and anomalies. Altametrics Business Intelligence lets you view every transaction, comparing each one against a “watch list.” Store managers intuitively drill from a high-level overview all the way into any offending transactions and take appropriate action. Add integration with strategically placed cameras in your store to enable the manager to hone in on exactly what happened when employee theft is suspected.

business intelligence performance

Audit Employee Performance

Identify coaching opportunities as they arise

While viewing detailed transactions, make notes on transactions where employee improvements can be made. Coach lower performing employees to help your business achieve and exceed weekly, monthly and annual goals.

business intelligence key performance indicators

Key Performance Indicators Drive Success

Measure everything your company values

Align your organization’s goals and objectives to facilitate long-term strategic planning. Your company’s goals and objectives are unique, so Altametrics helps you manage against your own performance standards to challenge your team and drive positive growth.

business intelligence custom reporting

Data Visualizer

Use graphs and charts to recognize trends

Sorting through large amounts of data in a spreadsheet or report makes it almost impossible to identify trends. But view that same data in a chart or graph, and patterns become apparent. Export those charts and graphs to create meaningful presentations to communicate your findings at your key meetings immediately.

View any report in graphical format

Any Altametrics Business Insights report can be shown as a graph, including any ad hoc reports you create on the fly. Once the details you want are displayed, you can print or save the chart in any format you prefer.

Choose the graphical format that works best for you

Information can be displayed inline or spline graphs, bar or area charts. Viewing critical reports as scatter graphs really put actions into focus. A single click changes from one graph to another to display the information you seek in a way that makes sense.

Receive more in-depth reporting and know where your cash is flowing. Let's talk today.

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Make more informed decisions with in-depth reporting

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"Business Intelligence helped us grow in that we had a lot more information and we’re more strategic and we’re able to plan our growth better. I would highly recommend Business Intelligence."

— Alan Thompson

GiGi’s Cupcakes
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"Business Intelligence far exceeded my expectations! I know from personal experience that since we started using Business Intelligence, our combined food costs and labor costs has been decreased by at least 1-1.5% of revenue."

— Edward Sullivan

General Manager
smb business management david markwell
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"The most beneficial tool that Altametrics Business Intelligence brought to us was being able to extract information from our online ordering and our current POS was unable to that. Altametrics helped us grow, we had a lot more information and we’re more strategic and now we’re able to plan our growth better."

— Alan Thompson

Gigi's Cupcakes

Receive more in-depth reporting and know where your cash is flowing. Let's talk today.

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