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Managing your organization's cash and sales can be a real pain but is exceptionally crucial to your day-to-day operations. Monitoring your cash movement will give you better control of your funds and will help identify any possible thefts. By integrating your Point- of- Sale with the Altametrics Cash Management Software, you can take control of your cash movement at a transactional level. With our Cash Management solution, you can keep track of your cash and sales on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Manage your cash flow and make better business decisions

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Organization Cash and Sales

Having multiple Point-of-Sale systems at different locations mean keeping daily tabs on each of the systems, and keeping up with various integrations. Depending on the Point-of-Sale, it can require you to create multiple logins based on the location to view the total cash and sales. This amount of work requires multiple staff members managing this tedious process for simple metrics. Your organization’s resources should be focusing on increasing the business and identifying which locations are running optimally rather than maintaining reports on multiple Point of Sales. The Altametrics Cash Management solution has made it possible so that you can view your cash and sales for each location all in one software. With our intuitive interface and integrated software, your team can focus on increasing profitability and moving the business forward. Don’t spend your key resources on tedious work.

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Store Cash and Sales Monitoring

How much control do you have over your reporting? If you have any other software besides the Altametrics Cash Management System, you probably do not have very much control over the amount of detail you would like to see. Our business focuses on making sure you are thoroughly monitoring your cash movement. The Altametrics Cash Management solution provides you with the most detailed reporting you could ever ask for. Our reports can be set on a hierarchical level to make sure the right staff members receive the right amount of information to do their job effectively. Store managers will be able to view a detailed cash and sales report for their store to make sure their site is meeting their demands. With the Altametrics Cash Management solution, managers will be able to compare side-by-side sales from last year with this year’s sales to determine the variance to help determine what caused an increase or decrease.

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Regional Cash and Sales Monitoring

Not only do we have store level reports, but we also have reports for your regional managers. Regional managers and upper management have more responsibilities and are in charge of making sure their region is performing to the brand’s standard. These managers do not have time to monitor cash and sales for each of their stores on a daily basis. The Altametrics Cash Management solution has made regional and upper management's lives easier by generating reports by regions that track the cash and sales for each store within their region. Regional managers can view the organization from a higher level that will allow them to determine whether their region is performing or underperforming. This gives management a general overview of their daily cash and sales figure to identify how each regions are doing. With our cash management solution, regional managers can have more in-depth conversations with their store managers to help increase productivity and profitability.

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Daily Cash and Hourly Sales Reports

Daily cash and hourly sales reports play a crucial role in making critical operating decisions and are one of the most commonly used reports. Store managers and upper management use detailed daily cash and sales report to determine and forecast how much sales will be needed for the upcoming days to meet their weekly demand. The Altametrics Cash Management solution is seamlessly integrated to your Point-of-Sale giving managers the visibility into viewing a detailed report of their daily cash and sales for each location.

Daily Cash Report

Daily cash reports are more important than you think. First, it allows your managers to get a quick overview of the daily cash sales. Second, it gives them the opportunity to do a complete audit of each of the transactions that were paid in cash. The Altametrics Cash Management solution integrates with your Point-of-Sale to provide you with a detailed and accurate daily cash report so that you may be in better control of where the money is going. Quickly find out if there is a discrepancy between the report and the actual cash that is in your bank.

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Daily Hourly Sales Report

Your daily hourly sales report is most commonly used by your store managers to establish a general idea of how the store operations is doing for that day. The Altametrics Cash Management solution offers managers a more detailed report by breaking down the daily sales statistics to fifteen-minute increments. This allows the manager to determine what time of the day was busiest and verify if there was enough coverage for that time. The daily hourly sales report also assist in forecasting the upcoming weeks' sales and schedules so that the manager can make the best-informed decision that benefits the organization.

Monitor your Cash and Reduce Employee Theft

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Monitor Cash Movement

Monitor the cash in your organization from every level. Starting from the customer all the way to your organization’s bank. You should know who moved what amount of cash, when, and where. Put an end to employee theft with Altametric’s real time Cash and Sales Management Software. Stay alerted when something is below your threshold, and take care of your cash flow issues before it becomes a larger problem. With our end-to-end Cash Management module, we can help your organization identify trends in your cash movement. This allows your managers and upper management to make more accurate forecasts of your cash and sales.

Cash Reconciliation

Cash Reconciliation is the way an organization can validate the transactions that have accrued in the organization and the amount of cash in the cash register at the end of the business day. A common mistake a business makes is not reconciling their cash because of the busy nature of their industry. By following standard procedures, your organization can identify missing cash, misplaced cash, and over or short cash. These discrepancies may not seem like a large amount on a day to day basis or a site to site basis, but over time this can cause a sink in your cash flow. The Altametrics Cash Management Module brings every discrepancy to light and allows your upper management to track down the root cause of your missing cash counts. Our software will enable you to create a standard procedure for your organization’s best needs and then follow-up with it from every hierarchical level.

Real-Time Reporting

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Comprehensive/Check Level

The Altametrics Cash Management solution offers your organization with a variety of real- time reports. Allowing your upper management to look into their sites to see transactional levels will help them determine where discrepancies are occurring within the organization, and it can also hold your staff accountable. Keep track of your daily drawer counts, hourly sales, daily cash, safe counts, and cash sheets to make informed operating decisions. Our reports can be managed on a hierarchical level. Your organization can pick and choose which staff members can receive these reports. With our real-time reporting, you will receive detailed reports on transactions to determine the number of comps, voids, discounts, and coupons given. This will allow you to reduce theft, increase sales by avoiding excessive comps and voids, and create a productive environment.

Say No to Manual Data Entry

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Integration - POS, Accounting, and Bank

We understand that for everything to be uniform, all systems need to work together. If all systems do not correlate with each other, it requires you to access all software, and view several different types of reports to determine your business needs. Luckily for you, the Altametrics Cash Management solution integrates with your Point-of-Sale, your accounting software, and even your bank so that you will not have to do any double work. We provide you with the most thorough cash management reports by integrating with your point-of-sale (to include all gross sales, comps, voids, and promos), your accounting software (to automatically record your daily journal entries), and even with your bank so that everything is automatically synced with your records.

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"The Altametrics Cash Management solution has really given us a new view into our business… the analytics and insight into how we can better control our costs just improved ten folds."

— Rob Ertmann

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"We know exactly what our real-time costs are at all times, there’s no waiting for corporate. We know the number right then and there."

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"The Altametrics Cash Management solution helped us monitor our company’s cash flow in real time and eliminated internal theft."

— Peter Smith

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"The Altametrics Cash Management solution helped us monitor our company’s cash flow in real time and eliminated internal theft."

Easily monitor your cash flow and improve your operations. Let's talk today.