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Managing employee time clocks can be strenuous especially with such a big organization. With the standalone Altametrics Time Clock system, your managers will be able to eliminate the buddy punching system, and manage your employees’ time easier than ever before! The gamified Clock Dashboard motivates your employees’ to actively control their time and attendance to reduce labor law violations and unwanted overtime hours. Buddy Punching is a thing of the past with the biometrics scanners on our standalone time clock. Pay the hours your employees deserve today.

Easily Manage and Prevent Labor Violations

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Labor Law Compliance

The Altametrics Clock makes labor law compliance simple. Labor violations and back wage pay can cost your organization millions. Our software ensures that things like breaks and unnecessary overtime are easy to manage. Employees are given the visibility to actively manage their time and managers have the tools they need to hold their staff accountable and labor law compliant.

Eliminate Break Violations

The Altametrics Clock Time Clock Dashboard allows your staff to have the visibility to proactively manage their time. Employees can see directly on the dashboard whether or not they are close to causing a break violation. Additionally, your staff will self-police one another to encourage labor compliance. For example, when a crew member is about to cause a break violation the dashboard will display a countdown that draws attention to let everyone know that a violation is about to occur. This empowers your staff to properly manage their time and increases the accountability for noncompliance. The Altametrics Clock tracks any type of break rule, including paid breaks, unpaid breaks, and break waivers depending on what is needed for each location.

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No More Unnecessary Overtime

Overtime hours can be driving up your labor costs. We know overtime hours can be necessary, but if they are not managed properly your labor costs will skyrocket. Overtime hours are often overlooked and treated like a normal hour in the mind of your manager even though the cost is much greater to your business. The Altametrics Clock gives your managers control and insight into overtime hours.

First, the dashboard will indicate the overtime status of each employee who is clocked in, so they will know when they are approaching daily and weekly overtime. The dashboard lets your managers proactively prevent unnecessary overtime by having their staff clock out before they accrue overtime hours.

Second, when your managers are approving your staff’s shift swaps and shift pickups they will have the visibility on each candidate’s projected daily and weekly overtime hours. Managers will no longer make the mistake of giving a shift to an employee who is already expected to accrue overtime hours or if they would accrue overtime hours with the new shift.

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Double Time Pay and 7th Consecutive Day Rule

Calculating double time pay can be confusing and costly. The Altametrics Clock solution helps you track when employees are eligible to receive double time pay for the hours they worked. In some states, like California, there are also labor rules that require double time pay when an employee works for seven consecutive days. Regardless of where your business’ locations are, we help ensure that you are in full compliance and pay your staff members appropriately.

Break Enforcement

Back wage pay is costing companies around the world hundreds of millions each year. The poor tracking and enforcement of local labor rules like mandatory meal and rest breaks are the main factors driving up back wage pay. Proper time and attendance enforcement is the first step to reduce these costs. The Altametrics Clock is proven to help everyone in your organization avoid labor law violations better than any other tool on the market. Regardless of where your sites are located, our solution will help prevent unnecessary back wage pay and make sure your staff is taking their breaks at the correct times. Altametrics Clock will ensure that any break that you schedule will be taken, regardless of whether it is a paid or unpaid.

Miscellaneous Labor Rules

The Altametrics Clock solution helps track labor rules that aren’t so obvious or straightforward and only impact certain areas in the country. There are rules like the ACA, Minor Labor rules, Premium Pay (Seattle), Minimum Time Off between shifts, and several more expecting to pop up in the next few years. Many organizations don’t prioritize tracking and enforcing the rules internally and we have seen many brands suffer from lawsuits stemming from this passive approach to labor rule enforcement. The Altametrics Clock gives organizations the tools to proactively manage their employees’ time and enforce the schedules they create.

Control Your Labor Cost

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Schedule Enforcement

The perfect schedule can only be perfect if it is properly enforced. The Altametrics Clock solution is the ultimate way to enforce your labor schedules. Controlling your labor costs is critical to your success and our solution gives you control throughout the hierarchy of your staff.

Prevent Early/Late Time Punches

When your employees start their shift early or show up late, it can affect the operational efficiency of your business. Similarly, if they leave their shift early or clock out late, your anticipated labor costs can fluctuate drastically. The Altametrics Clock solution reduces these discrepancies through our standalone time clock. One of the most effective ways we help eliminate this is through the manager authorization feature. For example, if an employee tries to clock in before the set grace period of their shift start time then a manager will need to authorize that they have approved the punch. This way, your employees cannot work extra unapproved hours.

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Increase Accountability

Manager authorization also increases accountability by making your management team aware of poor employee attendance practices. No longer will employees be able to slip in late and clock in with no repercussions or demerits. Additionally, employees will need manager authorization to submit a time punch if it is causing a labor rule violation. Depending on the State/City, some of the following rules would include the minimum time off between shifts, earliest start time for a minor, early/tardy clock in, early/late clock out, and when an employee consents to waive their meal break.

Interactive Time Clock That'll Save You Money

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The Altametrics Clock Time Clock

The patented Altametrics Clock Time Clock is the easiest way to cut labor costs by three to five percent across your organization. We put you in control of your labor costs by increasing employee accountability, reducing bottlenecks in your workplace, and increasing visibility into your organization. Don’t make your customers wait longer just because one of your employees needs to clock in. The Clock Time Clock allows you to keep your POS and timekeeping duties separate.


The Altametrics Clock Time Clock is designed with game design techniques to engage your staff and change the way they manage their time. There are hundreds of time clock solutions out there, but what makes the Altametrics Clock Time Clock unique is that it not only tracks employee time, it also motivates employees to stay compliant with labor rules. Our customers have seen a positive change in the way employees manage their time and attendance when they adopt our solution. For example, employees will self-police eachother from causing a violation next to their name. Noone wants the red frowning face associated to their profile.

Biometrics | Eliminate Time Theft

Time theft doesn’t seem like a big deal when you hear about a single incident, however studies show that roughly twenty percent of hourly employees admit to commiting time theft at least once a week! Time theft includes, leaving early from your shift, arriving late, and taking longer lunches but still recording the scheduled time. Biometrics is a growing trend to prevent this type of time theft and the Altametrics Clock is leading the way. With our solution, buddy punching is a thing of the past! Additionally, biometric data collection rules have began to be implemented across the country. We work with you to ensure that you are following these rules so your organization doesn’t face a lawsuit.

Get The Reports You'll Need

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Employee Performance and Violation Reports

The Altametrics Clock solution gives your managers insight into how well each of their team members are managing their time. Additionally, upper management can easily view how well each region and site is performing in terms of labor compliance. With easy to track metrics, our solution makes it easy for you to set goals as an organization on the number of violations you will incur and things like how much OT hours each site is allotted each week.

Audit Trail Reports

The Audit Trail reports increases accountability for your staff. You can choose to give supervisors the ability to edit time punches, while having the peace of mind that every change made in our solution is tracked. When your management team makes a change, they will be aware that they are responsible for the change and that they need to have a reason for making the edits.

Manage Your Company's Time On The Go

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The Altametrics Clock Mobile App

The Altametrics Clock Mobile App is the easiest way for your employees to manage their time. Our easy-to-use app is simple enough for any user to quickly adopt it as the tool they use for things like viewing their timecards, editing punches, and any other time management activity. The mobile app gives your managers real time information that allows them to easily manage their staffs’ time. The real time information gives them visibility into when employees need to take breaks and when they are about to hit OT hours. In-App notifications will help your on clock managers to delegate breaks to ensure labor law compliance. Our mobile app is available for all Android and iOS devices, and its free to download!

Easy Punch Management

The Altametrics Clock Mobile App makes punch management easier than ever before. When an employee forgets to clock in and lets their manager know that the punch needs to be changed, the manager no longer needs to make a note to do it later (and likely forget), they can simply go on to the mobile app and make the change right away. Also, your organization can choose to allow all employees to make edits to their time punches. When an employee would make an edit to one of their time punches, a manager would be required to approve the change to authorize that punch. Punch management is no longer a headache with the Altametrics Clock Mobile App!

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Improved Employee Communication

The Altametrics Clock improves communication throughout your organization. Managers can tell their employees that it is time for them to start their break or clock out, improving labor law compliance. Managers will have tools like the broadcast messaging feature that will allow them to tell everyone who is currently clocked in any important information that needs to be communicated. When other employees clock in later that day, they will also see the broadcast message if they have not already viewed it on the mobile app. Additionally, the managers can share information among each other for information that is only pertinent to them. With the Altametrics Clock Mobile App, all communication between your staff about time and attendance will be centralized and will simplify operations.

Punch Authorization

On the Altametrics Clock Mobile App, employees can authorize their past time punches to let their managers know that the times are correct and payroll for that period can be processed. Managers can view who has or has not yet authorized their time punches and can remind them in the app to get this done. The Punch Authorization feature is another layer of accountability given to your employees to manage their time punches. The Altametrics Clock will reduce errors when processing payroll and make punch authorization simple.

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The Altametrics Clock Mobile App lets your employees clock in right from the mobile app. When an employee goes to clock in, they will see that they are in the acceptable range and can submit a punch. This feature can be turned on or off per location to meet each sites preferences. If an employee clocks in outside of the set geolocation range, then that punch must be approved by a manager. Each time punch has an audit trail, outlining where and when the punch was made and what method they used to clock in.

Eliminate “buddy punching” using our Biometric Time Clock. Let's talk today.

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"Altametrics Time clock is absolutely amazing! Our employees enjoy the gamification on the time clock, which has caused break violations to drastically decrease."

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"With Altametrics Time Clock our management team can easily broadcast messages to our staff. The constant communication has helped improve our company’s efficiency. 10/10 would recommend."

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"These products are an integral part of how we operate our business. It’s not just software, it is part of our culture. It’s very rare that we have a steak go back because we miss the cooking temp we’re looking for. That’s been a big improvement for us as a company. To me, Altametrics has always been a superb partner, never really had any complaints and it’s been well over 15 years now with multiple organizations and that dynamic has not changed in the product."

— Richard Del Valle

Chief Business Officer

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Richard Del Valle

Chief Business Officer
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"These products are an integral part of how we operate our business. It’s not just software, it is part of our culture. It’s very rare that we have a steak go back because we miss the cooking temp we’re looking for. That’s been a big improvement for us as a company. To me, Altametrics has always been a superb partner, never really had any complaints and it’s been well over 15 years now with multiple organizations and that dynamic has not changed in the product."

Eliminate “buddy punching” using our Biometric Time Clock. Let's talk today.