Hotel Business Management Software

Save time on business reports and focus on what matters the most. Connect your business reporting tools and POS technology to access meaningful reports and data. Manage it all in minutes from the palm of your hand and see profits skyrocket! Get started for free today.

Thousands of healthcare operations choose Altametrics as their business management platform.

Make smarter business decisions and save in food and labor costs!

Predict your upcoming operations like never before

Improve your restaurant’s performance with the Altametrics Universal Forecasting solution. Take the guesswork out of forecasting your labor and food costs and improve the reliability by comparing your actuals against your forecasted data.

Gain the most insight into your business

Predict operational metrics and analyze historical trends and outliers to get an accurate picture of your future. Increase profits and accelerate the growth of your business by using the forecasts to guide your decision-making.

universal forecasting insight
food management counting system

Easiest inventory counting system that also saves you time and money

Fast and Efficient Shelf-to-Sheet Counting System

Counting your inventory can be a tedious, time-consuming task. Traditional inventory counts cause inaccurate counts from double-counting and overlooked items. Inaccurate inventory counts lead to over-ordering which leads to spoilage and waste that drives up your food costs. With the shelf-to-sheet inventory system, it will cut your time by half and be able to get an accurate count of your inventory.

Save food cost with suggested ordering

Altametrics Food Management solution provides your staff with the tools to accurately and efficiently conduct inventory counts. The solution generates suggested order quantities from forecasted demand to take the guesswork out of the equation.

Say goodbye to over-scheduling your staff

Don’t have time? No problem

The Altametrics Scheduler saves your managers time when creating the schedule. The schedule builder will show all of your employees’ availability, time off, to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Save in labor costs through forecasting

Additionally, the labor forecasting is available directly on the schedule builder so your managers can schedule the appropriate amount of staff to prevent over-scheduling and meet demand.

schedules forecasting

And if that's not enough to satisfy your business management needs.

Free Business Management Support

Our support team is only a phone call away. We want you to be successful in seeing the value convenience store business management software can have on your bottom line, so we help you whenever you need it.

Multi-platform Accessibility

Access any Altametrics business management app for your convenience store on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Always have the right business data on hand to take immediate action when and where it's needed.

Try Any App for FREE

Try any Altametrics business management app free for at least 14 days to see how much time and money you can save by having better processes in place. Make sure your business tools set you up for success.

iOS and Android Accessibility

Our business management solutions for convenience stores work great on both Apple iOS and Android. This should give you the confidence that there won't be any issues when it comes to employee accessibility.

User-Friendly Touch Interface

We designed our business management apps to employ an extremely user-friendly, touch-based interface that allows for easy navigation and pleasant interaction by employees, managers, and administrators.

Internationalized in 88+ Languages

We make sure our apps can expand with you by making them available in over 88 languages. Whether it's an employee where English is not their first language, or you are an international business, we've got you covered.