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Limited Time - Get Your Altametrics Timeclock for FREE

We are thrilled to announce that Altametrics has rolled out exciting enhancements to our software, designed to empower your Oerther Foods franchise with even greater labor scheduling and timekeeping capabilities and efficiencies.

* Limited to 1 clock per Operator. Time Clock must be installed and live in your restaurant for 30 days otherwise the full amount of $1000 will be charged.

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Get a Chance to Own What Every Franchisee is Talking About

Experience the buzz of what every Oerther Foods franchisee is saying about the new Altametrics clock. Centralized timeclock that practically manages the staff itself with its intuitive display and easy to read alerts. You’ll have your staff looking at it more than you!

Advance Facial Detection Technology

Say goodbye to buddy punching with our advanced face detection technology, ensuring accurate and reliable employee timekeeping.

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enhanced security

Enhanced Security

The new timeclock enhances security by replacing the old and unreliable fingerprint reader, providing a more efficient and trustworthy solution for your Oerther Foods franchise.

Manage Labor Using AI

With the power of AI, you’ll easily be able to monitor breaks, clock-outs, overtime and more! Streamline your operations and save more money with The Altametrics timeclock.

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Claim Your FREE Timeclock Upgrade Today!

This exclusive offer is limited to the first 100 locations that respond. Secure your complimentary Face Detection Timeclock now and revolutionize your employee timekeeping system.

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How to Claim Your FREE Timeclock


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Enjoy the benefits of the most advanced timeclock on the market

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Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to upgrade your timekeeping system at no cost. The clock is ticking, and these 100 free timeclocks will be claimed quickly.

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How many timeclocks can I get?

You are limited up to 1 clock per operator.

What is the catch?

There is no catch! These clocks normally retail for $1,000 but we have been getting such amazing feedback from other Oerther Foods operators that we want to offer this limited time deal to all of our franchisees to help spread the word.

Will the face detection recognize me if I'm wearing glasses?

Yes! Using AI, it can detect your face even if you are wearing glasses.