10 Bonified Examples of Company Culture

Top Examples of Businesses with Great Culture

Case studies have shown that 92% of executives believe corporate culture improvements would result in improved company values and success. Not considering company culture important to business operations, profitability, and success is a drastic mistake.

With increased competition in the global marketplace and a limited quantity of top talent employees available, creating a unique company culture that employees want to work at is crucial. Great company culture can make the difference between a business succeeding or failing.

Company cultures influence a wide range of within organization activities from company goals to decision making capabilities. 10 examples of great company cultures include-

1. Zappos

CEO Tony Hsieh was well known for inspiring his team members and making sure every day that the best work possible was produced. One company incentive even included a $2,000 payout for new hires to quit if they did not feel they were a great culture fit after their first week of training.

Instead of a reliance on office politics and outdated performance review techniques, Zappos team members are offered raises and promotions based on their hard work and commitment to the company.

Qualities that Tony Hsieh fostered in Zappos's work environment and organizational culture include-

  • Culture fit interviews
  • Team oriented atmosphere
  • Within organization promotions
  • Team building opportunities
  • Healthy work life balance
  • Outstanding company goals
  • Unique company mission
  • Focus on employee experience
  • Strong core values
  • Customer service
Tony Hseih found that the best work environment and company culture is one that makes employees happy and productive. CEO Tony Hsieh's exceptional corporate culture initiatives paid off significantly, building an outstanding brand with notable customer service capabilities.

2. Southwest Airlines

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Southwest Airlines is team oriented and considers customer service as a top priority. Their commitment to communicating company goals and the company mission in a way that their team members understand helps with making sure everyone is on the same page.

A unique company policy that Southwest Airlines has in place is encouraging team members to go above and beyond in order to facilitate excellent customer service to all flyers.

3. Chevron

Chevron is known for its commitment to supplying a healthy work life balance for its employees. Providing onsite health and fitness centers, complete with yoga and massage options, lets every employee know that their health and happiness matter.

4. SquareSpace

The New York City startup SquareSpace has a unique company structure that is much less hierarchical than most enterprises. Every employee is valued and heard, possessing ample influence in decision making and within organization changes.

Workers encouraged to participate not only increases employee engagement levels but helps to formulate a unique company brand.

5. Google

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Lists of great company culture examples nearly always incorporate Google, and for a good reason. Google is known for its extravagant employee benefits and perks, ranging from a dog friendly office to substantial financial bonuses.

The unique company culture that Google has created and maintained now serves as a model to start up tech companies around the world.

6. Facebook

Similar to Google, the social media company Facebook is regularly acknowledged for its unique company culture. Facebook has team oriented company goals and invests heavily in employee development opportunities.

At Facebook, new hires can even be spotted roaming around the large campus alongside CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself.

7. Adobe

Adobe places a significant amount of trust in individual team members and actively avoids micromanagement. Adobe accomplishes their great corporate culture by hiring new employees who are a culture fit and letting employees work more independently.

8. REI

8 rei 1608596658 1118

REI provides ample opportunities for every employee to give feedback on company goals and decision making initiatives. From town hall style meetings to outdoor adventures, REI's organizational culture has found a unique intersection between team building and individual employee development.

9. Warby Parker

One company known for their company values and corporate culture is Warby Parker. Warby Parker utilizes team building methods ranging from fun extracurricular events to random team member lunches.

10. Twitter

10 twitter 1608596659 7661

The social media giant Twitter values their team oriented work environment and making sure every employee has a great experience. Twitter's unique company culture motivates each team member to bring their best work ethic with them to the office every day.

Not only are employees encouraged to take extensive vacations, but meals are provided for free at the San Francisico location. Twitter's perks benefits the work life balance of every employee on staff.

Key Takeaways

  • People work best when they are employed at a business that has a great company culture.
  • Both human resources and core company employees must make sure that they are not only building but maintaining an outstanding organizational culture.
  • Great company culture examples include social media companies like Facebook and Twitter.

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