Why is OpenTable Restaurant Software The Best for Your Business

Why Use OpenTable Restaurant Software?

Among a lot of things that this pandemic has taught us, one very important lesson was to value the luxury of catching up with our loved ones for a meal at your favorite restaurant which we usually took for granted!

The past two years were unprecedented with everyone caged inside their homes, praying for safety and normalcy. And as the curbs were lifted, flocks of people were seen rushing out to meet their friends over coffee. However, the restaurants, just after the lockdown ended, operated at 50% occupancy as mandated by the government. It meant two things a long wait time for customers standing outside the restaurant or customers returning empty-handed.

Both the scenarios are equally disappointing for the customers, leading to goodwill and revenue loss for the restaurants.

An online reservation system that enables restaurants with smooth waitlist management and guest management can be a real savior here. OpenTable is a cloud-based restaurant reservation software solution that helps restaurants take online reservations and optimize table management. OpenTable can be used by restaurants of all sizes from cafeterias to fine dining restaurants.

OpenTable offers a variety of benefits to both restaurants and customers. With OpenTable, customers can book online reservations with a single click without any charge. Customers booking reservations through OpenTable receive discounts on bills at participating restaurants. While coming back to restaurants, enables restaurant managers to identify the number of open tables and fill them instantly.
The smart technology enables it to recall customer preferences in real-time, making it ideal for restaurants of all sizes.

OpenTable helps restaurants dodge off seasons as it extends your restaurant's reach. It notifies the restaurants if there are any cancellations, allowing managers with the table management.
When integrated with other systems, it enhances the overall restaurant management.

Is OpenTable Restaurant Software the Right Choice for You?

OpenTable restaurant software is more than an online reservations system. It helps to increase your reach and takes care of No-shows. It allows you to add to the guest experience by eliminating long queues through its waitlist management and table management features.

If you are looking for swift day-to-day operations, OpenTable Restaurant Software is the one for you. Besides, it fits with all kinds of restaurants whether a small bakery or a large fine-dining restaurant.

Restaurants that use paper-based systems are at a disadvantage.

Paper-based systems are time-consuming, costly, and cumbersome.

OpenTable Restaurant Software Review

OpenTable restaurant software provides a full service solution for all restaurants, irrespective of their size.

It's deep analytics feature gives you insights of the business. Now, when you know what is working and what is lacking, it becomes easier for managers to make the fixtures.

It helps managers to identify the exact number of open tables, allowing them to fill in real time .
It offers a user friendly mobile app for the customers to make online reservations . It offers three plans- Basic is free for 30 days, and costs $39 per month after 30 days. Core plan costs $249 per month , while its Pro plan is a little expensive as it offers loyalty programs management, and costs $449 per month .

OpenTable restaurant offers excellent customer support and helps ease Restaurant Management .

OpenTable Restaurant Software Benefits

It is a common belief that businesses must hunker down during times of economic downside. However, history suggests that businesses that tried to evade extra spending during such times to recover losses remain stagnated while ones that invested in technology, keeping pace with changing times recovered faster and grew exponentially.
Similarly, investing in OpenTable Restaurant can boost your revenue while easing day-to-day operations. Let's see how-

1. Extend your reach-
OpenTable reservation system has over 31 million diners, making bookings at cafes and fine dining restaurants per month. This can provide your business with an extended reach, making your restaurant visible to more food lovers. As a result, you can get a higher number of bookings, leading to higher revenue.

To cater to a diversified audience, you can ass both dine-in and takeaways ( online ordering ) to your Open Table profile.

OpenTable restaurant reservation software allows restaurants to communicate special offers, discounts, and Happy Hours to the audience. These lucrative offers can add to online reservations, adding to your sales.
Restaurants can add photos of food, and ambiance and list safety measures to give customers an idea of what has to offer.

2. Run in front of the house smooth -
OpenTable restaurant reservation system optimizes online reservations allowing managers to better guest management and table management.

With OpenTable, you can easily rotate seating using server stats and automatically status tables to turn them over faster, the OpenTable website flaunts.

Since OpenTable helps with online reservations, it facilitates restaurants with a tentative waitlist. It allows restaurants to avoid long queues with its waitlist management feature.

3. Improves guest experience-
OpenTable is beyond a reservation system. OpenTable understands the importance of a loyal customer. And therefore extends tools to recognize loyal customers and reward them with gift cards and more.
It allows managers to send customized emails and offers to regular customers based on their order history.

OpenTable reservation system communicates special requests of the customers, if any, to the restaurants. This helps restaurant managers to do the needful, adding to customer experience and satisfaction. And we all know, a satisfied customer leaves only to return!

OpenTable restaurant reservation facilitates customers to leave feedback and ratings on the website or the mobile app . The restaurant can take the feedback and work on the area that requires its attention. Also, the managers can go through the scorecard to check their team's performance.

Key Features of OpenTable Restaurant Software

1. Online Reservations
2. Waitlist management
3. Table management
4. Customer profile and listing
5. Analysis
6. Post dining feedback and surveys
7. Takeout or online ordering
8. Automated guest preferences
9. Automated email campaigning
10. Can be integrated with Restaurant Pos like Toast Pos

NOTE- These features vary from plan to plan. For instance, lower paid per month plan like Basic does not offer advance features like table management or integration with point of sale system. These are included in Core and Pro plans.

The above listed features enhance Restaurant Management .

Managing your restaurant's reservations can be a huge pain.

It’s hard to keep track of who has and hasn’t booked their table, and it’s even harder to find out how many tables you have available for a particular night.

Key Differences Between OpenTable Restaurant Software and Competitor

OpenTable pricing starts at $2.5 per month one-tenth of what its most competitors charge. The low pricing makes it the most affordable and Best Restaurant reservations software.

Another best part is OpenTable can cater to all sizes of restaurants from cafes to fine dining restaurants. One thing that makes OpenTable Restaurant Software different from its competitors is it offers Extras like gift cards and private dining to its customers.

Bottom Line on OpenTable Restaurant Software

OpenTable restaurant software is for all types of restaurants. Besides its regular job of taking online reservations , it facilitates restaurants with table management , in-depth analysis and integration. These features ease daily operations of restaurants. At the same time, it extends the restaurant's reach, giving it a restaurant boost!

OpenTable helps with overall Restaurant Management .
Take the free trial to see how it can help you make a difference!

Managing your restaurant without the right software is a headache.

Managing reservations, food and beverage inventory, and payroll can be tough when you’re juggling so many other things.

Frequently Asked Questions

OpenTable is one of the most popular online restaurant booking sites available. The website allows users to search for and book restaurants. Users can also browse restaurants, read reviews, make reservations, and get the latest deals and discounts. The site uses a variety of software applications to run its restaurant booking site. In this article, we will explore the different software applications used by OpenTable.
OpenTable connects with restaurants in a variety of ways, depending on the restaurant's needs and the type of information they can provide. Let's take a look at some of the ways restaurants can connect with OpenTable.
If you're a frequent diner, chances are you've discovered the benefits of using OpenTable's mobile app. It's a great tool for finding new restaurants near you and making reservations on the go. Whether you're a casual diner or a fine dining fanatic, OpenTable's app caters to all your dining needs. The only problem is, it can be a little expensive. Most restaurants charge a hefty fee for reservations, and OpenTable's no exception. That's why we're going to break down the cost of using OpenTable's app, so you can figure out if it's worth it for you.
SaaS is a model of software delivery where a customer's electronic devices connect directly to a service provider's servers without any user interaction. Software is delivered through an app, website, or as a API (application programming interface). OpenTable, however, is not a SaaS. The SaaS model is a delivery model, not a product. In other words, when someone says that a company is a SaaS, they are talking about the company's delivery model. The term SaaS is not a label that is assigned to each company that does not meet the requirements of that model. It is a process of analyzing the company's business model to determine if it fits the requirements of the model.