Natasha Rego

Natasha Rego


I am Natasha Maria Rego, Sr. Content Writer with Altametrics. With over 15 years of experience, I have worked with some of the leading newspapers in India like The Times of India and The Free Press Journal. My writing journey can be traced back to my pre-professional days. I used to write for the monthly church magazine and school yearbooks. After completing my Masters's in English and post-graduation in Journalism and mass communication, I joined as a trainee with the Times of India. From then on there was no looking back and I climbed up the ladder with my flair for writing, positive attitude, and high energy levels. I am fluent in English, Hindi, and Marathi and know a bit of French. When I am not working, I am busy stirring up something in the kitchen or traveling to far-flung places. When I am forced to be indoors, I am Netflix binge-watching. If you challenge me to a Friends trivia, I will win.

Topic / Areas of Interest

Always have a nose for news, carry out extensive research before writing an article, stickler for deadlines.

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