How an Employee Schedule Maker Can Save Time and Your Bottom Line

how an employee schedule maker can save time and your bottom line

Is an Employee Schedule Maker Worth It

An employee schedule maker is a workforce management tool that simplifies the scheduling process. Depending on which employee scheduling software your business invests in, the following features may be provided to your staff members-

  • Simplified scheduling process
  • Shift scheduling suggestions
  • Options to request time off
  • Shift swapping capabilities
  • Notifications of open shifts
  • Mobile app accessibility
  • Schedule templates
  • Labor costs analysis
  • Real time updates
A great employee schedule maker will incorporate with preexisting workforce management software programs and tools ranging from your time clock to time tracking software. Integrating all of your software programs provides team members with easy use and accessibility.

If you are unsure which employee schedule maker is best for your business, there are many software companies that will allow you to try free trials of their program. Make sure that you are able to get in contact with the help center and customer support team in case of any future issues with the scheduling software.

How Using an Employee Schedule Maker is Beneficial

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Previously, employee schedules were manually created with a pen and paper which led to a lot of wasted time and human error. Overtime scheduling software developed, offering business owners and their employees the following benefits-

  1. Templates- A schedule template provides a foundation for your schedule maker to work off of. Whether you are an expert schedule maker or a novice, schedule templates are a great skeleton from which to further customize employee schedules.

  2. Staff list- While it may not be as big of a concern for a small business owner, a large corporation with many employees will save a lot of time with the ability to import staff lists. All of your employee information can be instantly transferred to the schedule maker including any scheduling preferences.

    An additional feature of schedule maker software is the ability to automate the scheduling process based on employee scheduling preferences.

    Scheduling software schedules employees who are free automatically instead of your schedule maker having to search through a large staff list to see which employees are available for a specific shift.

  3. Labor cost analysis- Your work schedule maker can automatically calculate labor costs and help your business avoid unnecessary overtime charges. Knowing the labor costs of each weekly schedule will help your business keep within your budget.

  4. Calendar sync- Whether you use Google Calendar or another similar program, your employee schedule maker can sync your work schedule with your personal calendar. Employee time is saved when the work schedule is automatically reflected on their personal calendars.

    Instead of having to access the work schedule separately and compare personal and work calendars, employees can view their comprehensive calendar in one place at any time.

    Mobile apps even further optimize this process, allowing employees to view their calendar and schedule from anywhere with internet accessibility.

  5. Communication- Team members can easily message one another from the mobile app included with your scheduling software. Having all conversations about shift scheduling in one place keeps your business organized and efficient.

    Instead of team members receiving multiple alerts and notifications on different platforms, they can check one place for all communications related to the scheduling process.

    This decreases the chance of employees missing important communications and also avoids overwhelming staff members with too many duplicative notifications.

  6. Customer service- A product is only as great as its customer support capabilities. Before investing in a software program, reach out to the software creator's help center to see how responsive they are.

    A technical issue can slow or even halt business operations so it is essential that the software company is accessible and helpful.

  7. Mobile accessibility- Mobile app accessibility is an attractive feature for both employees and employers. A compatible mobile device allows you to view employee schedules and any updates in real-time instead of having to access the software from your office location.

    Make sure that the scheduling app is compatible with multiple mobile device types so that everyone in your office has accessibility.

  8. Security- Keeping your employee information safe and secure is a top priority. Like other workforce management software, schedule maker software incorporates security measures.

  9. Time tracking capabilities- Some scheduling apps offer their own time clock option, while others will easily integrate with your existing time clock software. Time tracking is simplified with the ability for scheduling software to export data directly to your payroll software.

  10. Shift changes- Depending on how much access you grant your employees, scheduling software will let them trade shifts after receiving your approval.

    When employees are provided work scheduling privileges, scheduling time for schedule makers decreases. With real-time updates, everyone involved in the scheduling process has the most up to date information possible.

    Employers can easily send out a notification to every employee's mobile device regarding open shifts so that the first person who volunteers can claim that slot in the schedule. Both team members and employers are provided the ease of mind that their scheduling process is as optimized and productive as possible.