The Value Behind Using Employee Scheduling Software

the value behind using employee scheduling software

What is Employee Scheduling Software All About?

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Employee scheduling software is a workforce management tool that optimizes employee work schedules. Before scheduling software was created, a schedule maker would spend many hours every week manually creating and updating schedules.

Although the scheduling process may seem simple enough, it is actually quite complex. A schedule maker must balance employee availability and preference while making sure business needs are satisfied. With employee scheduling software, staff scheduling is easier and more efficient than ever before.

In fact, a stable employee scheduling process improves median sales by 7% and raises productivity up to 5%. When employees are improperly scheduled their satisfaction and engagement rates suffer which negatively affects not only individual employees but your entire company culture and work environment.

Over time, improper scheduling leads to employee burnout and can even motivate an employee to quit. Software solutions increase your employee retention rate, saving your business both the time and money of replacing employees.

A manual scheduling process increases labor costs and wastes valuable time that managers or human resource personnel could otherwise put to better use. Not only is manual scheduling a time consuming and menial task, but it is also prone to human error.

Even one simple scheduling error can have serious consequences for your business. Whether a shift is improperly staffed or not covered at all, business needs are not met when team members are provided with an inappropriate work schedule.

Thankfully, work scheduling software developments largely automate and perfect the scheduling process. These cloud based software programs satisfy scheduling needs while also seamlessly integrating with many preexisting software programs your business may have.

When management software programs are all working together it benefits everyone involved with your business. The labor costs and employee time saved using software solutions can instead be used by your team members to address business needs that are more complex and complicated.

While small business owners may not need the best employee scheduling software offered, large businesses with multiple locations may require more scheduling features and tools. If you are unsure what scheduling tools your business needs, take advantage of any free employee scheduling software trials available.

The Benefits of Using Scheduling Software

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Investing in the best employee scheduling software for your specific business needs can be a daunting task. Understanding which benefits each employee scheduling software offers can help business owners purchase the best employee scheduling software for their business.

Common benefits of employee scheduling software include-

  1. Increased employee satisfaction- When employee schedules are created and updated with consideration for employee availability and preferences, your staff members will have increased satisfaction levels. More satisfied employees are generally much more productive, benefiting both your individual staff members and your entire business bottom line.

  2. Improved communication- Instead of having to individually contact employees via email or phone regarding schedule changes, the best employee scheduling software programs send real time notifications to a mobile app that all staff members have access to. This feature is especially helpful for schedule makers that are responsible for managing multiple locations with multiple staff lists simultaneously.

    Additionally, team communication is greatly simplified through these real time notifications. Having all scheduling communications in one place avoids unnecessary miscommunications and misunderstandings.

  3. Scheduling tools- Various scheduling software programs offer different scheduling features such as a time clock or other time tracking tools. If you already have management software programs installed at your business, they may be easily integrated with your new scheduling software.

  4. Saves time- Previously, managers and human resource professionals spent many hours of their week creating and updating employee work schedules. Employee scheduling software decreases the time and labor costs associated with the scheduling process so that other business needs can be focused on instead.

    Software solutions automatically consider employee availability in order to schedule the best employee for each shift. When you schedule employees properly they are more productive, which even further optimizes employee time spent at your business.

  5. Mobile accessibility- The best employee scheduling software offers a mobile app that allows team members the ability to access their work schedule remotely. Employees can volunteer for an open shift or engage in shift swapping with just a few clicks on their mobile device.


  • Employee scheduling software greatly simplifies and streamlines the scheduling process. Manual scheduling results in wasted resources and human error.
  • Median sales are improved 7% while productivity is raised up to 5% with a stable employee scheduling process.
  • Both labor costs and employee time is saved with scheduling software implementation. These freed up resources can be better used for business needs that are more complicated and cannot be automated.
  • There are many different scheduling tools and scheduling features available so business owners must carefully consider which software is the best employee scheduling software for their specific business. While small business owners may not need them, larger businesses with multiple locations may find specialized scheduling tools and scheduling features to be a worthwhile investment.
  • Online employee scheduling is easier than ever before using a scheduling app that staff members can access remotely through their mobile devices.
  • Benefits of scheduling software range from auto scheduling with consideration to employee availability to shift planning templates.