The Benefits of an Online Work Schedule

the benefits of an online work schedule

The Benefits of Using Online Work Scheduling

Employee scheduling is a crucial workforce management process that has huge implications for both your employees and your business's bottom line. Schedule makers are responsible for creating a work schedule that accommodates employee availability and business needs simultaneously.

The scheduling process for large businesses with multiple locations is much more complex than for a small business with only one storefront. The more complicated staff scheduling is for your business, the more useful investing in online work scheduling software is.

Benefits of online work scheduling include-

  1. Consistency- Work schedules that are created on spreadsheet programs can create issues with consistency. Each time a schedule update occurs, employees must be emailed a copy of the most up-to-date work schedule.

    It is easy for an employee to mistakenly reference an old schedule and unintentionally miss their shift as a result. Plus, the influx of emails received can quickly irritate even the most dedicated employee, especially if they are being spammed with notifications on a free day from work.

    Online employee scheduling reflects schedule changes in real time making it easy for employees to keep track of their upcoming shifts. When employees are notified about schedule changes appropriately, they are more likely to be consistent in their workplace attendance.
  1. Compatibility- Your business may already have previously invested in scheduling tools ranging from a time clock to time tracking software. Many employee scheduling software programs will seamlessly integrate with preexisting software and tools that employees are already comfortable using.

    Accessing multiple mobile apps instead of a universal schedule app is a waste of employee time. Having every employee scheduling tool in one place makes it much easier for everyone involved in the scheduling process.

    Great employee scheduling software is compatible with a wide variety of separate software programs. For example, employees who already use Google Calendar can instantly incorporate their work schedule instead of having to reference calendars side by side or manually enter their work time into their personal calendar.

  2. Productivity- Research has shown that half of schedule makers spend two hours minimum on creating employee schedules each week. Some schedule makers report spending up to twelve hours on a single week of employee scheduling.

    Online employee scheduling software can largely automate much of the scheduling process, effortlessly and instantly scheduling employees. Additionally, the extra hours that a schedule maker is afforded can be used on more productive and complex tasks.

    When staff scheduling is optimized, employees are less stressed out and more satisfied. As a result, productivity increases, which benefits not only your individual employees but your entire business bottom line.

  3. Labor cost- Online employee scheduling software will evaluate labor costs when creating schedules. Instead of a schedule maker having to calculate and factor in varying hourly wages or salaries, an online work schedule maker can do so automatically and instantly.

    Decreasing the amount of time a schedule maker spends on creating and updating work schedules decreases the labor costs that your business incurs. Labor costs are even further decreased when an online employee schedule uses technology to schedule workers as effectively and efficiently as possible.

  4. Records- With various labor laws and regulations that businesses need to comply with, the ability to provide records of past employee schedules upon request is important. Instead of having to search through individual paper copies of work schedules, every employee schedule is accessible in just a few clicks.

    Employee scheduling software keeps track of labor law updates so that your business stays compliant. When labor law violations can result in steep fines, business closure, and even jail time, compliance should always be a top priority.

  5. Accessibility- Depending on schedule distribution occurring strictly during work time results in disorganization. Making sure team members all possess the most current work schedule and have adequate time to prepare for their shift is an additional task in itself.

    Thankfully, online employee scheduling software allows employees to reference their work schedules from anywhere that they have internet accessibility. The best employee scheduling software even provides a mobile app that employees can download on their smartphones.

    Instead of employees having to check their emails frequently, an employee scheduling app can send them notifications about any schedule changes instantly. Scheduling apps keep both employees and schedule makers as organized and up to date as possible.


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  • Employee scheduling is an important workforce management process. A schedule maker must account for both employee availability and business needs.
  • Employee scheduling software decreases scheduling time and labor costs while increasing workplace productivity. Through automation, a schedule maker is able to save hours each week that can be used more productively on other tasks.
  • Improper scheduling decreases employee satisfaction levels and increases unnecessary labor costs due to overtime and variations in employee wages.
  • Benefits of online work scheduling range from accessibility through mobile apps to compliance with labor laws and regulations.
  • Investing in scheduling software is a worthwhile venture, especially for large businesses with multiple locations to account for.