Why You Should Use an Employee Attendance Tracker

Keeping on top of employee time and attendance, punctuality, and productivity is a tricky business. A company owner has enough to handle every day without trying to stay on top of interdepartmental time-off requests and working hours.

That's where an employee attendance tracker comes in. While such time tracking technology might sound scary, it can be beneficial for both employees and employers.

What is an Employee Attendance Tracker?

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An employee attendance tracker or time clock is a piece of information collection technology that proves useful in nearly every office environment.

While some employees may not warm to it right away, it's crucial for them to understand what it's used for. They can then start to learn how it can benefit them rather than negatively impact them.

For Making Business Decisions
When businesses make critical decisions for their future, they rely on several sources. For example, a shoe manufacturer would look at the footwear market to know if now's a good time to expand. They would also consider the costs of the expansion in comparison to their sales figures.

But they may also factor in their current productivity levels and whether they could sustain or improve them. In that instance, employee attendance trackers can be helpful to accurately keep track of time spent working. You can use such tech to see if your workers are at capacity or could take on extra work in light of your growth goals.

For Managing Expectations
An employer may wish to install an employee attendance tracker program on their workers' computers to track attendance in real time helping manage their expectations.

Whether you're not sure if productivity is where it needs to be, or you suspect attendance issues, then tracking employee attendance can be a way in which to solve such problems. IT experts can install the technology on your computer system and allow you to use it for data collection purposes.

Once it's in place, your workers know what to expect of you and know that you can readily access data to lighten their load, add more work, or manage your working hours.

The Benefits of Using an Employee Attendance Tracker

While not every employee will be on board with your decision to begin tracking attendance or using an employee attendance tracker, they can work in your favor and theirs. It can just take some time for those benefits to become evident for some.

Identifying Attendance Issues
One in five Americans is late for work at least once a week. If you notice such tardiness in your workplace, then an employee attendance tracker may help.

This piece of tech can identify the clock-in and clock-out times of employees to establish if they are working their allocated hours. You can turn suspicions into evidence and address the problem promptly.

Systems like this can also help to manage sick leave and vacation days while helping ensure employees are not abusing their time away from the office.

Improving Remote Working Possibilities
Some employers may be dubious about letting their staff work from home, even if they have the technology and type of job that allows it. However, if they were to install employee attendance tracker software, they may feel more comfortable doing so.

Your employees can clock in from the comfort of their home, start work, then clock out at the end of the working day.

They work just as they would in an office environment, but without the daily commute to a central place of business. This system can almost always simplify tracking employee hours worked and help measure remote productivity.

Accurate Pay
One thing that employees will be thrilled about with the use of tracking software is being paid accurately. Such software can track employee attendance and how many hours, down to the minute, each staff member is logging. With employee attendance tracking there's no guesswork, and the accounts department can accurately calculate any overtime pay necessary, as well.

Boosting Employee Morale
One of the many benefits of using attendance tracking software is being able to boost morale. It might seem strange, but such software can achieve this in two ways.

For example, an employee working more than someone else in the same role may gain a sense of relief when those hours and pay inaccuracies are addressed.

Morale can also increase when time-off requests can be reviewed promptly in a digital platform. When the leave is approved fast, that employee can experience a sense of relief and happiness, knowing that they are allowed to take time off work and make plans.


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You will always have one or two people who are not impressed with a tracking system or employee attendance tracker software. In saying that, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Business owners who want to have their finger on the pulse of their business operations may see this form of technology as a way to do just that-

  • Employee attendance tracker software is an ideal solution for employers who want to pay their workers accurately.
  • Such software can offer the opportunity for employees to work from home.
  • Employees can enjoy a sense of equality throughout all departments.
  • The software can be helpful for data collection purposes, such as knowing if productivity could be improved.
  • Employee attendance programs are easy to install and use and can benefit both employer and employee.

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