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Understanding Business Intelligence

Business intelligence encompasses the technologies and strategies used to analyze data and generate actionable insights to make better business decisions. Here is a comprehensive guide to BI.
understanding business intelligence

Using Nutritional Analysis to Build Your Menu

A food analysis is performed to inform customers of the nutritional quality of menu items. Read ahead about using a nutritional analysis and food labels.
using nutritional analysis to build your menu

What is Employee Theft and How to Prevent it

Employers need to implement strategies that prevent or minimize employee theft. Here is a summary of how theft occurs, its impact, and the best prevention mechanisms.
what is employee theft and how to prevent it

Why Should You Use an Inventory Management Software?

Businesses that implement a software inventory system can streamline inventory orders, save money, and improve project management. Here is a complete overview of inventory control.
why should you use an inventory management software

How to Reduce Food Waste in Your Restaurant

Implementing a plan to manage food waste will help the restaurant industry boost its profitability, save money, and streamline operations. Here are some easy ways to reduce food waste.
how to reduce food waste in your restaurant

How to Use Excel for Inventory Management

An Excel spreadsheet or software solution will help to accurately manage and track all real time inventory-related data. Here is an overview of using Excel for inventory management.
how to use excel for inventory management

The Importance of Food Management and Ensuring Food Safety

Food management involves the selection, preparation, and presentation of food items. Implementing an effective system to meet health guidelines will improve accuracy, profitability, and efficiency.
the importance of food management and ensuring food safety

Tips for Proper Inventory Management in Restaurants

Implementing effective inventory practices will organize the kitchen, minimize inefficiencies, and save money. Here are the top tips for proper inventory management in restaurants.
tips for proper inventory management in restaurants

Tools and Techniques for Inventory Management

Utilizing an effective inventory management solution to streamline supply chain processes will increase accuracy, improve efficiency, and decrease labor costs. Here are the best inventory tools.
tools and techniques for inventory management

Understanding Purchase Order Management and How to Optimize

Implementing an effective purchase order process is essential to streamline workflow, save money, and increase efficiency across the distribution center. Here is a guide to optimize PO processes.
understanding purchase order management and how to optimize