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Inventory Management Solution

Counting your inventory can be a tedious, time-consuming task. Traditional methods involve double work, requiring your staff to go to each storage location several times to count a single ingredient. Traditional inventory counts cause inaccurate counts from double-counting and overlooked items. Inaccurate inventory counts lead to over-ordering which leads to spoilage and waste that drives up your food costs. Altametrics Food Management solution provides your staff with the tools to accurately and efficiently conduct inventory counts.

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Easy to manage your inventory

Shelf-to-Sheet Inventory Counts

The shelf-to-sheet design speeds up the process and cuts out unnecessary steps. When conducting an inventory count, the user can count an entire storage location before moving on to the next. A product that is counted in a fridge at the front-of-house is added to the count of that product in the walk-in refrigerator at the back-of-house. Additionally, the storage locations and items within each storage location are mirrored to reflect the layout of your store.

The Altametrics Food Management solution is the quickest and most accurate method of counting your inventory. Cutting the time it takes to complete any task at your business will allow your staff to focus on customer satisfaction and reduce your labor costs.

Normalized Units of Measure

The Altametrics Food Management solution lets you configure the units of measure, normalizing products across vendors, recipes, and locations to avoid confusion and ensure accurate inventory counts.

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The Insight you Need to Conquer Your Food Costs

Profitability Insight / Menu Costing / Menu Engineering

The Altametrics Food Management solution gives you the tools to analyze your business. Dive deeper into your sales data, and engineer your menu to increase profitability. With the reports in our solution, you can identify which menu items are your stars, plowhorses, puzzles, and dogs. Making intelligent decisions about your menu is easy with the information and tools made available to you. You can determine the ideal price point for every menu item by the profitability, popularity, and cost. By correctly engineering your menu, you can maximize the profit per guest. Our solution also helps to calculate the nutrition of your menu items based on the ingredients used in the recipe.

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Item Usage and Nutritional Analysis

The Altametrics Food Management helps you analyze how well you are utilizing the purchased items with easy to read reports. Staying on top of how you are using your items, enables you to identify what items have high variance and where waste events may be occurring the most. Analyzing the usage statistics of your ingredients/items ensures that your staff is using the correct portions when preparing the food. Strict portion control when preparing your menu items, will help reduce variance and provide a consistent experience for your customers. Additionally, our solution lets you determine the nutrition facts of your menu items so you can make the information available to your customers. Knowing the nutritional information, you can quickly create new recipes and add them to the menus.

Theft Prevention

Whether employee theft is an accident or just a plain malicious act, it impacts your business and is a preventable factor that is driving up your food costs. With our reporting capabilities, you can easily determine discrepancies with your inventory levels and identity theft within your organizations. You can track unusual activity to snuff out unapproved comps and voids that your employees may be giving out. Our tools give you the insight to prevent theft.

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Controlling Your Variance

With real-time information and alerts, managers can control variance. Measuring variance is essential for any restaurant to manage food costs. Having insight into your actual and theoretical inventory levels let you appropriately take action on high variance, caused by waste events, spoilage, and theft. Because food costs are such a significant percentage of every dollar, you have in sales, having the tools to manage problem areas can be the key to success actively.

Identify and Reduce Waste

Being vigilant and using actual usage numbers, we help identify waste events and problem areas. Waste can be preventable and can increase your profit margins without diminishing the customer experience. Tracking waste in our Food Management solution is a simple and effective way to control your bottom-line. You can control costs like never before with automated reports that let you drill down into waste events by stations, employees, shifts, and the multitude of waste reasons.

food management POS integration

POS Integrations

Being able to integrate with your Point-of-Sale system is an absolute must in today’s environment. Having your sales and menu mix data, you have the information you need to manage your inventory and cut food costs properly. Without an integrated solution, someone will need to be doing data entry across all of your software regularly. The Altametrics Food Management solution seamlessly integrates with any Point-of-Sale solution you use. With our Cloudbridge, we put the power of the integration in your hands and let you control when, how often, and what information is shared across the software you use.

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Ordering Made Easy

Suggested Ordering

The Altametrics Food Management solution makes inventory forecasting easy by utilizing your ingredient usage, sales data, inventory levels, prep times, and vendor delivery schedule. It determines how much of each ingredient should be ordered and guides your managers on how to maintain optimal inventory levels.

Maintaining the appropriate inventory levels helps your business avoid waste from spoilage and over-ordering and still meeting the consumer demands. Our suggested ordering feature is proven to help cut food costs and takes the guesswork out of the ordering process. Additionally, you will have insight into what needs to be prepped and pulled from your inventory to run your daily operations.

Demand Based Forecasting

The Food Management solution allows you to stock items whether they are stocked based on demand, set PAR levels, or any other method you choose to track your inventory. Our solution creates automatic orders based on these metrics to speed up the process of keeping your inventory levels at the optimal level.

food management purchase order management

Order Guides

Managers can use the standard order guides to speed up the ordering process. They will have more time to focus on customer satisfaction and maintaining operational standards. With the set order guides, managers can quickly pull up the standard order, make minor adjustments from suggested ordering, and submit the order to the vendor.

Vendor / Purchase Order Management

Altametrics Food Management solution integrates with your vendors and accounting software to automate the ordering process. Not only will you have up-to-date pricing when placing orders, but you will also be able to reconcile purchase orders, invoices, and received quantities. Communication with vendors, requesting and applying for credits, and reconciling the received quantities with your vendors is no longer a headache. All of the software solutions you use will be integrated with the Food Management solution, making data entry and record matching a thing of the past.

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Track Pricing Trends

The Altametrics Food Management solution helps you keep track of your item prices and any trends in the price. Monitoring the competing prices from multiple vendors can help you make informed decisions to get the best price on the items you need. With menu engineering and smart purchasing, we give you the tools you need to cut your food costs.

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The Mobile App

Our Mobile App gives your staff the tools to reduce human error by eliminating data entry and duplication that are caused by traditional pen and paper methods.

Using our Mobile App cuts unnecessary steps out of inventory counts, saving you time and money with quicker and more accurate counts. The mobile tools are interconnected providing managers with real-time updates. They will be able to monitor variance and take necessary action when required. Even when a device is offline, users can still perform their tasks and know that their work will be synced once back online.

The Mobile App lets your managers place and receive orders in the palm of their hands. When placing an order in the mobile app, your manager will have access to the information they need to order the precise quantities. The solution generates suggested order quantities from forecasted demand to take the guesswork out of the equation. With the order guides readily available in the Mobile App, management will improve on their ordering practices and reduce the time spent on these tasks.

Count your inventory in a breeze with the Shelf-to-Sheet count system. Let's talk today.

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"Altametrics Food Management solution is such a great asset for us. It has become a very integral part of the day to day operations and a piece of inventory management at Peet’s."

— Brandon Graff

Peet's Coffee
Retail Logistics and Allocation Manager
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"My level of comfortability with looking at my weekly orders, especially our major food orders, is much higher than it was two years ago before Altametrics Food Management. It has put our inventory and ordering in a whole new era."

— Kevin Coveny

Franchise Owner
testimonial food management dennys
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"Our inventory control is easily accessible for our staff and for us to view it from anywhere we want and I think that’s just fantastic."

— Sheetal Ohri

Franchise Owner Yadav Enterprises

Count your inventory in a breeze with the Shelf-to-Sheet count system. Let's talk today.

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