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Comply with food safety regulations at all times.
Comply with food safety regulations at all times.
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Standardize operations. Protect your brand.



Quick and easy-to-use temperature probes.



Receive real-time alerts and notifications.



Maintain food safety standards and stay HACCP compliant.



Streamline employee management with Zip HACCP's checklist data report function. 

Monitoring food safety made easy.

Take appropriate and informed actions to maintain food safety standards.

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Stay HACCP compliant.

HACCP allows your business  to comply with food safety regulations and to stay on top of every critical task.

Easy-to-use Bluetooth probe.

Deliver consistency with Zip HACCP's Bluetooth temperature probe. The temperature probe automatically shares the readings with our app and ensures 100% accuracy.

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Gain visibility and insight.

Drive your business performance and identify key metrics measured by Zip HACCP trend reports.

Food Safety Mobile App

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