Bibliothèque d'API

Intégrez vos solutions à la plateforme Altametrics.

Notre plateforme a été conçue pour interagir en toute transparence avec vos solutions, y compris les systèmes POS, payroll et RH.

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Altametrics API is designed to provide a simple interface to external applications. It is organized around a logical method. The API has predictable and resourceful URLs. This allows Altametrics to integrate to 3rd party systems including but not limited to payroll applications, HR systems, and POS applications. These API features allow you to interact securely with the Altametrics Application.

Please remember this documentation is not limited to the explorable possible integrations by like features of 3rd party vendors. Altametrics API is thorough, flexible and follows standard conventions.

This describes the resources that make up the official Altametrics API v2.0.