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How Any Connector + Beverage Analytics integrate

  • Access real-time reports
  • Track waste and quality
  • Insights about your business
  • Understand your KPIs
  • Optimize your business
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Integrate Beverage Analytics with Any Connector

Automated Beverage Analytics Integration

About Beverage Analytics 

Beverage Analytics help you grow your business by allowing you to track Point of Sale and draught beer data in real time to optimize your business. The Beverage Analytics app gives you a snapshot of your bar's performance in real time. You'll always know what is happening in your bar and receive actionable recommendations to improve. Compare your business to local bars like yours. The BA app gives you a sense for how bars around you succeed, showing you ways to improve.
Beverage Analytics eliminates the need for guessing. Your bar's data will be utilized to give you concrete recommendations on optimal prices, combos, menu changes, new SKUs to add. You and your business move fast. So we provide you secure access to your real time data via mobile and web so you can keep moving and growing your business.

About Any Connector

Any Connector is the easiest way to securely connect the applications you use to run your business. Thousands of businesses are using Any Connector to integrate their business management solutions to increase efficiencies and cut costs. Do not let your applications control you. Our cloud-based application allows your platforms to stay in sync, so you have the data you need, where you need it!

You can do more with your business management solutions when you integrate them with Any Connector. Handle all of your forecasting, inventory, recipe management, scheduling, timekeeping, payroll, daily logging, team communication, analytics, and point of sale needs in a connected system. Simplify your operations by getting all of your data to work together.

The best apps work better together.

You can do so much more with Beverage Analytics when you integrate your apps with Any Connector. Eliminate double entry, view real-time sales and labor costs, manage employee time and attendance, forecast your labor to create and enforce the perfect schedules, reduce your inventory costs with suggested ordering, and simplify your operations.
Your Business Analytics doesn't need to be an island. Maximize the value of your business solutions today with the Any Connector integration.

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Increase sales and productivity for your business with apps for labor scheduling, employee timekeeping, inventory management, food safety, point of sale, loyalty, and more.

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Integrations Made Easy

We make integrating to popular business solutions easy with Any Connector. 


Connect Anything to Anything with Any Connector

Any Connector's integration platform enables integrations through our robust API library. We simplify the connections from the business solutions used across many industries. By eliminating the technology integration barrier for app developers, Any Connector simplifies the process for businesses to test and evaluate new technologies through proven system integrations.
In the Hubworks App Store, you can discover the best apps for labor scheduling, employee timekeeping, inventory management, food safety, point of sale, loyalty, analytics, and much more. Any Connector seamlessly integrates all of the Hubworks solutions to ensure your success, because "Everything works better, when everything works together".
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Integrate Beverage Analytics and Any Connector

Integrate your Business Analytics Solution to Anything with Any Connector