Integrate Paycom with Altametrics

Integrate your Payroll to Altametrics

You can do so much more with Paycom when you integrate your apps with Altametrics. Eliminate double entry, accurate payroll, manage your employees information in one place, easily process payroll, and save your managers time by allowing them to focus on your operations.

Your Payroll solution doesn't need to be an island. Maximize the value of your business solutions today with the Paycom integration.


The Benefits of API Integration to Your Restaurant

Process Automation

API automatically connects systems in place, streamlining information sharing, and allowing employees to invest their time elsewhere.

Improved Communication and Reporting

Reports can offer more details and insights with accumulative data than individual operation analysis. This allows management to determine what procedures need improvement.

Accurate Payroll

Even small mistakes can lead to significant consequences. Without the need for human intervention, API reduces errors related to manually inputting information.

Advantages of Integrating Paycom with Us

You can do more with your Payroll solution when you integrate with Altametrics. Handle all of your employee management, forecasting, scheduling, timekeeping, daily logging, team communication, analytics, and payroll needs in a connected system. Simplify your operations by getting all of your data to work together.

  • Promotes Digital Transformation
  • Robust Infrastructure
  • Simplifies API Software Development
  • Innovative Functions
  • Secure API Management
  • Enhances Cloud-Based Applications
  • Optimizes Enterprise Productivity

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Integrate your Payroll to Altametrics with Paycom

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