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This is how big restaurants are keeping their food costs low and streamlining their inventory process.

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“Altametrics really helped show me where I was losing money. Their inventory program not only cut my inventory taking by 50% but I was able to reduce my food cost by nearly 2%”

- Brian Daniels

Eliminate inventory variance. Your profits will thank you.

Simple Purchase Order Management.

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reduced their food costs and decreased inventory errors by 2%!

Supply Chain Automation and Food Cost Optimization

Lower Costs

Optimize your restaurant's profitability by significantly reducing food and bar costs with our cost-effective solutions.


Save time and resources by cutting inventory count time by 75%, allowing you to focus on what matters most—serving your customers.

Accurately Forecast

Make informed decisions by accurately forecasting your prep and production needs, ensuring you never run out of ingredients or overstock your supplies.


Simplify your restaurant's procurement process with automated order placement and invoice handling, streamlining your operations and reducing manual paperwork.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using food inventory software?

The benefits of food inventory software include - improved accuracy, increased efficiency, reduced food waste, better inventory control and management, and cost savings.

How does food inventory software work?

Food inventory software works by automating the process of tracking food stocks, usage, and ordering. It uses weight tracking, and other methods to accurately record and update inventory levels in real-time.

What features should I look for in a food inventory software?

Features to look for in a food inventory software include - real-time inventory tracking, vendor management, order and receiving management, waste tracking, and reporting and analysis capabilities.

What inventory system does a restaurant businesses use to maintain and track inventory?

Using Altametrics’ inventory management software, restaurant owners are equipped with the right reports to make better decisions, minimize inventory costs, improve business profits, reduce the risk of overbuying, and save time on accounting.

How much food inventory should a restaurant carry?

Food - 4-6 times per month (5-7 days' product on hand) Liquor - Approximately once per month (Varies among concept/sales mix) Bottled beer - 2-3 times per month. Draft beer - 1-2 times per month (Varies with number on tap/concept).

Do restaurants need to track inventory?

Why keeping track of inventory matters. Proper kitchen inventory management is crucial for restaurant success. It can make or break your food costs and is an essential food cost control method. If you don't know what you're losing, you don't know what you could be earning.

What is the best inventory method for restaurants?

First-in, first-out inventory measurement is the most common inventory costing technique as it's easy, reliable and accurate. FIFO assumes that goods purchased first, are sold first – usual practice in restaurants as chefs tend to use the ingredients that are closest to expiration first.