HR & Employee Management System For Business Enterprise

There is no doubt that your employees are the most important part of your or any business. To have such a valuable asset to your business, you will also want to manage them the best way possible to ensure a mutual beneficial relationship. With Altametrics Enterprise Employee Management System, rest assured you and your employees are taken care of.

Altametrics provides a system with multiple features all focusing on simplifying your employee management while benefiting you through reduced labor costs, more time for other aspects of the business and accurate and effective reporting. In addition, the easy to use and intuitive software allows you and everyone in your business to jump in and start benefitting.

What are you waiting for? If your business enterprise has grown to past 25 locations and employee management is proving to become a hurdle to you; request a demo now and hear what Altametrics Employee Management Software can specifically provide for your business.

Enterprise Management Has Never Been Easier.

Altametrics Schedules

Managing availability, time off requests, and ensuring labor laws for both minors and adults are taken into account while you create the schedule can be daunting. But, with the Altametrics Scheduler, scheduling your employees can be fast, efficient, and hassle-free. It is the quickest way to create the perfect schedule and gives you and your management team the tools needed to meet your labor budget goals.

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enterprise clock

Altametrics Clock

Managing employee time clocks can be strenuous especially with such a big organization. With the standalone Altametrics Time Clock system, your managers will be able to eliminate the buddy punching system, and manage your employees’ time easier than ever before! The gamified Clock Dashboard motivates your employees’ to actively control their time and attendance to reduce labor law violations and unwanted overtime hours. Buddy Punching is a thing of the past with the biometrics scanners on our standalone time clock. Pay the hours your employees deserve today.

Altametrics Food Management

Counting your inventory can be a tedious, time-consuming task. Traditional methods involve double work, requiring your staff to go to each storage location several times to count a single ingredient. Traditional inventory counts cause inaccurate counts from double-counting and overlooked items. Inaccurate inventory counts lead to over-ordering which leads to spoilage and waste that drives up your food costs. Altametrics Food Management solution provides your staff with the tools to accurately and efficiently conduct inventory counts.

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fe universal forecasting

Altametrics Business Intelligence

Your restaurant generates massive amounts of data every day from POS, back office, the speed of service systems, kitchen timers, guest satisfaction surveys and more. Let Altametrics show you how to effectively analyze that data to help drive better business decisions across your organization. Your executives and managers are busy running your operations; they don’t have time to wait around for information they need, and they certainly don’t have time to build complex formulas in a spreadsheet to figure out what to do next. Altametrics Business Intelligence takes the complexity out of analyzing information and keeps managers on your organization’s goals.

Altametrics Cash Management

Managing your organization's cash and sales can be a real pain but is exceptionally crucial to your day-to-day operations. Monitoring your cash movement will give you better control of your funds and will help identify any possible thefts. By integrating your Point- of- Sale with the Altametrics Cash Management Software, you can take control of your cash movement at a transactional level. With our Cash Management solution, you can keep track of your cash and sales on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

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fe human resources

Altametrics Human Resources

Keeping track of every stage of an employee from the start of hire to the end of their role in the organization can be tedious, time-consuming but very critical to your organization. As your organization continues to grow, it can get more and more challenging to stay organized and keep all employee data starting from promotions to disciplinary actions without misplacing any crucial documents. We understand how difficult this can be and we want to help your organization focus on using its resources to coach and consistently move your operations forward. With the Altametrics Human Resources Solution, your business can focus more on providing the best customer experience rather than using crucial operating hours to find an employee document.

Altametrics Universal Forecasting

Improve your restaurant’s performance with the Altametrics Universal Forecasting solution. Take the guesswork out of forecasting your labor and food costs and improve the reliability by comparing your actuals against your forecasted data. Predict operational metrics and analyze historical trends and outliers to get an accurate picture of your future. Increase profits and accelerate the growth of your business by using the forecasts to guide your decision-making.

enterprise universal forecasting
fe time keeping

Altametrics Timekeeping

Managing employee time punches can get hectic and unorganized if it is not managed correctly. With the Altametrics Timekeeping solution, we can integrate with your time clock(s) so that you will be able to easily manage employee time punches and even generate payroll in a breeze. As your business continues to grow, Altametrics Timekeeping solution will help you better optimize your operations by gathering all employee data from various locations and organizing it into a single system.

And if that's not enough to satisfy your business management needs.

Free Business Management Support

Our support team is only a phone call away. We want you to be successful in seeing the value convenience store business management software can have on your bottom line, so we help you whenever you need it.

Multi-platform Accessibility

Access any Altametrics business management product for your convenience store on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Always have the right business data on hand to take immediate action when and where it's needed.

Save Time and Money

Why wait to find out how we can help? Many of the top leaders around the world are seeing real results and saving 3-5% on food and labor costs. Start saving time and money and request a demo today.

iOS and Android Accessibility

Our business management solutions for convenience stores work great on both Apple iOS and Android. This should give you the confidence that there won't be any issues when it comes to employee accessibility.

User-Friendly Touch Interface

We designed our business management apps to employ an extremely user-friendly, touch-based interface that allows for easy navigation and pleasant interaction by employees, managers, and administrators.

Internationalized in 88+ Languages

We make sure our apps can expand with you by making them available in over 88 languages. Whether it's an employee where English is not their first language, or you are an international business, we've got you covered.

Enterprise management has never been easier. Set up a demo today.

Trusted by business management leaders all around the world.

testimonial outback steakhouse
outback testimonial logo
"These products are an integral part of how we operate our business. It’s not just software, it is part of our culture. It’s very rare that we have a steak go back because we miss the cooking temp we’re looking for. That’s been a big improvement for us as a company. To me, Altametrics has always been a superb partner, never really had any complaints and it’s been well over 15 years now with multiple organizations and that dynamic has not changed in the product."

— Richard Del Valle

Chief Business Officer
testimonial business intelligence taco bell
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"Business Intelligence’s performance has far exceeded my expectations! I know from personal experience that since we started using Business Intelligence, our combined food costs and labor costs has been decreased by at least 1 to 1.5% of revenue. What Business Intelligence tells my operators is where they need to put most of their attention, so to me, that is a tool that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Everybody should use it."

— Michael Shahsavari

Taco Bell Franchisee
testimonial dennys
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"Since we started using Altametrics, we have been able to get our labor deployment and labor forecasting much more accurately than any prior systems that we’ve used. Altametrics has put our inventory and ordering in a whole new era. My level of comfortability with looking at my weekly orders, especially our major food orders, is much higher than it was two years ago before Altametrics."

— Kevin Coveney

Franchise Owner