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Effective measurement and control are key to reduce food costs.
Effective measurement and control are key to reduce food costs.
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Simplify management. Reduce waste.



Guarantee accurate food costs with AI-based variance reporting.



Usage data to cut ordering costs.



Connect with your POS and accounting system.



Get to know your ingredients with system-calculated forecasts by item.

Stay informative and accurate.

Effective measurement and control of inventory is the key to reducing food costs.

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Cost-cutting decisions.

Find visibility in tracking and reducing your waste to discover where your money is spent.

Accessible reports.

Eliminate the time spent looking through data. Easily access admin tools, recipe versions, and AI-based variance reports.

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Ensure profitability.

Target issues like waste, over-portioning, and theft so that your brand delivers consistent service to your customers.

Variance & Food Cost Mobile App

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Denny's is America's diner. A place where people can come in, sit down and connect with one another over great food.

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Altametrics saves a lot of time and gives me peace of mind. I can monitor employees clock status from my phone instead of trying to track them down in the store. The clock dashboard tells me everything I need to know for example who’s on the schedule, who’s late, who’s supposed to be on break, and who needs to clock out.

Enforcing labor rules and evaluating employees adherence to the schedule before Altametrics was a nightmare. Now I get the real-time employee performance data I need to manage my stores successfully. I can track employee time punches and then quickly publish payroll reports to import into my payroll processing service.

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