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Prep your products with confidence and ease. 
Prep your products with confidence and ease. 
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Measured data. Smarter decisions. 



From source to sale with ease.



Region-level reporting to identify bottlenecks and opportunities with vendors.



All of your data is sent to you as soon as the transaction occurs.



Easy switching between vendors and items.

Improved optimization.

Optimize employee prep schedules throughout the day to reduce waste management. 

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Prep and production.

Employees know exactly how much to make and when. Have the freshest products without waste.

Real-time alerts.

In this ever-increasing world of fast-paced operations, generate alerts based on the prepped amounts and sales so you never run out of prepped product to serve your customers quickly.

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Food safety compliance

Just in time' is the mantra built into the prep module. Not only does it ensure a quality customer experience and an efficient employee experience, but also food safety. Food safety is a core value of every restaurant business, and the prep module is a key tool to ensuring success in this area.



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