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Own your supply chain with complete visibility. 
Own your supply chain with complete visibility. 
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Performance-driven. Simplified data.



Know when to prep each item based on hold time, prep time, and forecasted demand.



Never miss a beat with prep reports built into the manager's workflow.



Customize with store templates and item projections for 1 to many dayparts



Generate alerts when prepped amounts are running low.

Easily Manage Profitability.

The Altametrics Forecasting module utilizes historical trends to deliver accurate and precise data. Make informed business decisions backed by your business' data. 

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Prep and pull  

The prep and pull module conveniently categorizes prep items by groups with unique projections based on each item's hold time. Know when and how much to pull, thaw, prep, slice, top, cook, heat, temper, and more.

Bin management.

Get guidance on what to prep throughout the day. Easily track your prep schedules throughout each day to provide freshness without waste.

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Interactive prep

Update prep amounts throughout the day for real-time alerts. With interactive updates to on-hand amounts and the ability to adjust needs, you can ensure your operations are effectively accounting for catering and large pre-orders.



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