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Business Forecasting Solution

Improve your restaurant’s performance with the Altametrics Universal Forecasting solution. Take the guesswork out of forecasting your labor and food costs and improve the reliability by comparing your actuals against your forecasted data. Predict operational metrics and analyze historical trends and outliers to get an accurate picture of your future. Increase profits and accelerate the growth of your business by using the forecasts to guide your decision-making.

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Know the perfect number of employees needed per shift

Daypart sales - Staff Coverage

The Altametrics Forecasting solution provides you with daypart sales forecasts to help determine your staff coverage. You can break your forecasted sales down into 15-minute increments. This allows you to perfectly create your schedule so your staff coverage is optimal throughout each hour of a business day.

Customized Forecasts - Labor Matrix

Forecasting best practices are not universal throughout your organization, so each forecast is tailored to the individual site. The customized labor matrix will be created for each site to ensure that the forecasted labor is appropriate for each location. A labor matrix is the varying levels of staff coverage that your site needs to meet the demand and stay within your labor budget based on your forecasted sales. For example, if you have forecasted sales during a lunch hour above $1,000, then you will need an additional server compared to a day where your forecasted sales are lower. Optimizing your labor matrix can help cut your labor costs.

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Fixed and Variable Staff

The labor matrix helps you to forecast your labor needs for the variable staff, like hourly employees. When you have fixed staff, for example, a team leader, there will always be the same number of employee(s) assigned to that position during business hours. This makes the coverage for that position fixed and it will not change regardless of the forecasted sales. Our forecasting tool makes it easy to mark the fixed staff and determine the total staff with variable coverage who are needed.

Forecasted Sales - Events, Weather, Seasonality, Holidays, Square footage, Guest Traffic, Transactions, etc…

In order to determine the perfect labor schedule, the Altametrics Forecasting solution takes every aspect of your business into account. Other than sales and transactional data, here are some of the most important metrics included in our forecasting tool

universal forecasting sales holiday events


Holidays typically have a significant impact on the expected sales for the day. For example, on Thanksgiving, you might expect the number of guests to be much lower than usual. However, on Valentine’s Day, you might expect extra traffic during your lunch and dinner hours.


Events at your restaurant can impact your anticipated guest counts drastically. If you have a band that performs live music every other Friday, then you might expect an increase in the guest count for those days. Additionally, events that your business is not hosting or have any control over, can also determine how busy you will be. For example, if the local High School hosts a football game, you can expect a huge rush of guests immediately after the game. In the Altametrics Forecasting solution, you can set up these events and add them to the calendar to make sure they are included in your forecast. The event types can be set and tracked, and our tools will learn from the past events to accurately forecast them in the future.

universal forecasting sales weather site size

Weather and Seasonality

Believe it or not, weather can have a big impact on your anticipated demand. If you are expecting heavy rainstorms in the afternoon, then it is likely that some potential customers may decide to stay home. Also, in the winter months, there will be less customers who want to sit outside in your patio seating. Our forecasting tool takes into account historical seasonality data and weather predictions to give you the best forecast possible.

Square Footage, Guest Traffic, and Site Capacity

Although many of your locations are similar, each location is unique in its own way. Some are larger and can handle more traffic, and some are more accessible to more people. These metrics are incorporated into our forecasting tool. For example, a site that is in a big city might have limited parking and a smaller capacity than a location in the suburbs. It is important that all of this is taken into account when determining the forecasted sales.

universal forecasting predictive scheduling law

Coupons and Promotions

When you ramp up your marketing campaign and release a promotional item, you will be expecting more traffic during that promotional period. To properly meet the demand of the promotion, you will likely need more staff. These coupon and promotional events are calculated into your forecast to ensure you meet the increased demand.

Predictive Scheduling

The Altametrics Forecasting and Scheduling solutions take into account all the labor laws specific to a site. Some of these laws, commonly referred to as predictive scheduling laws, require employers to post schedules a certain number of weeks before it is actually worked. If the schedule changes within that time frame, you might owe the affected employee(s) some sort of compensation. Our forecasting solution integrates with these predictive scheduling laws to help eliminate the scheduling mistakes and reduce the backwage pay. Additionally, with these laws, some “on-call” employees can be entitled to compensation even if they were not called into work. Our forecasts take this into consideration to maintain low labor costs without giving up the security blanket of on-call employees. No matter what predictive scheduling law impacts you, our forecasting and scheduling solutions make them easy to comply with.

universal forecasting forecasted inventory usage

Say goodbye to excessive food wastes

Forecasted Inventory Levels

Similar to your labor, the Altametrics Forecasting solution takes into account every factor that impacts your inventory levels to help control your food costs. Accurate forecasts allow you to maintain appropriate inventory levels to meet the expected demand. It guides you to order the appropriate quantities from your suppliers.

Forecasted Usage

Determining what and how much to order can be a challenge. With the Altametrics Forecasting solution, your business can optimize the inventory levels. Demand is the obvious driver of how much inventory is consumed. However, the demand is not always consistent. For example, some days you might sell more of a product than other days even though the sales dollars and guest counts don’t change. There are several other factors that are calculated in our forecasting solution.

universal forecasting customized forecasting

Coupons and Promotions

Coupons and promotions likely will lead to an increase in total sales, but will impact certain items more than others. For example, if I have a buy one get one free deal on a specific burger, then I can expect to use more of the ingredients included in that recipe. It is crucial to ensure that inventory levels are maintained so you can meet the demand of any promotion or coupon event at your store. Our tool will make it easy to plan ahead for these events and ensure you have the items you need.


Some events will have specific demand associated with it. One example would be catering. If your restaurant only caters certain items, then you will need to ensure that these items are more readily available so you can deliver on any catering request you receive.

universal forecasting inventory suggested ordering

Weather and Seasonality

When it’s Winter and cold outside, your ice cream sales aren’t going to be very high. However, the demand for items like soup and hot chocolate are likely to skyrocket on those chilly Winter days. Our forecasting tool takes historical data from past seasons and weather and helps predict what items will be in demand and helps you order accordingly.

Suggested Ordering - Order Quantities

The Altametrics Forecasting solution is the most accurate and advanced inventory forecasting tool available. We make the forecasts easy to understand so every manager in the entire organization will become a master at inventory management. The Suggested Ordering feature will assist your managers when placing orders so they can ensure they are ordering the necessary quantities.

universal forecasting integrations

We Integrate with your Partners

Forecasting Integrations

Forecasting takes into account every possible metric to create an accurate forecast. The Altametrics Forecasting solution integrates with all of the software you use to get every detail it needs to create that perfect forecast. With your Point-of-Sale, the integration will share data like sales, transactions, guests, and the menu mix. With vendor integration, you can get pricing data for the items you will order to give you visibility of your actual food costs.

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"How many staff members we need scheduled daily is no longer a guessing game thanks to Altametrics’ Universal Forecasting solution. We are now able to effectively schedule the correct amount of staff which has drastically reduced our daily labor cost."

— John Nguyen

Peet's Coffee
District Manager
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"By using Altametrics Universal Forecasting, we are able to keep the appropriate amount of product on-hand. Food cost has dropped drastically, reducing food waste thanks to the information it provides us."

— Jessica Johnson

Multiple Franchise Owner
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"These products are an integral part of how we operate our business. It’s not just software, it is part of our culture. It’s very rare that we have a steak go back because we miss the cooking temp we’re looking for. That’s been a big improvement for us as a company. To me, Altametrics has always been a superb partner, never really had any complaints and it’s been well over 15 years now with multiple organizations and that dynamic has not changed in the product."

— Richard Del Valle

Chief Business Officer

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