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Mobile app scheduling is a manager's best friend.
Mobile app scheduling is a manager's best friend.
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Controlled communication. Increased accountability.



Team members can see their schedule right when it’s published.



Employees can request time off or shift swaps with other employees via the mobile scheduling app.



Managers get updated immediately with employee requests to either approve or deny shift changes.



Cut down on paper and phone calls, with schedules and requests made in the Mobile App.

Stay updated while on the go.

Managers can seamlessly approve any requests, while team members can see real-time updates directly from a mobile app.

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Altametrics schedules

Make sure your employees always know what’s going on and empower them with the schedule mobility offered by the mobile schedule app.

Daily activity report.

See real-time labor performance to improve communication with your employees so that they are aware of schedule updates and ensure they never miss a shift.

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Efficient schedule changes.

Employee schedule requests that used to take hours to deal with can now be approved or rejected within minutes.

Mobile App

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