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How Lehigh Valley Rest. Group can increase profits by optimizing employee scheduling and reducing food costs.

Hi Lehigh Valley Rest. Group,

Thank you for reviewing this proposal for Lehigh Valley Rest. Group. To get the most out of your implementation with Altametrics, I recommend the following steps:

  • Training Support: Choose someone from your training team who can help with creating and deploying best practices during the rollout. They may also be helpful with validating labor standards and assessing KPI targets for costs, variance, and other business results.

  • Select members of the operations team: You can go live with as many members of the team per location as you'd like. The platform is effective as an enterprise tool and is also designed for store operations and multi-store operator's use. You will also find it an effective employee experience and business intelligence platform, so feel free to try it with additional teams as well.

  • Materials to share: Altametrics is a restaurant operations management platform at its core, and without setting up users, employees, and other critical information in our platform, you cannot engage your team members to realize results. We recommend starting by identifying the top areas or opportunities for your business based on ROI. By focusing on these opportunities in the platform early as part of your rollout you will realize quick wins.

Once you have selected the team that will be deploying the platform, please schedule 30 minutes with us for a quick onboarding kickoff and access to all training materials to get everyone started quickly.

Proposal for Lehigh Valley Rest. Group
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Explainer Video
Learn how Altametrics can help optimize all operations teams in your organization to improve your sales and profits.
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Return on Investment
Review the ROI analysis for Lehigh Valley Rest. Group.
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Demo: Key benefits for Lehigh Valley Rest. Group
Watch the demo to learn more about how upgrading your systems to Altametrics enables your businesss to support operations, control labor costs, and improve operations!
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Why Altametrics?
Your operators and home office deserve more. Let Altametrics make life easier for you and your team.
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Adam Worth

If you think managing your restaurant is hard, try being a restaurant manager and keeping track of everything from labor costs to inventory. Altametrics was built out of a personal desire to help restaurant owners and managers improve their operations and provide a better experience for their customers. Our platform simplifies the daily tasks of running a restaurant, from inventory management to scheduling employees, so that owners and managers can focus on what really matters - providing delicious food and excellent service to their customers. We believe that the key to success in the restaurant industry is making things easier for everyone involved, which is why we developed a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline operations and improve the customer experience. With Altametrics, you can create a more efficient and effective restaurant that is poised for growth and success.
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