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Altametrics DAR

The Altametrics DAR app is here! Using the Altametrics DAR Mobile App, you are able to see how your actual labor compares with what was predicted. Use data visualization to hone in on opportunities to improve scheduling and maximize the effectiveness of your staff. Make sure that you know how your team is performing against your plan and make changes to improve the outcome based upon near real-time data all in the palm of your hand.

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Altametrics Schedules

Creating the perfect schedule can be daunting while managing availability, time off requests, and even ensuring both minor and adult labor laws are considered. But, with the Altametrics Schedules Mobile App, scheduling your employees can be fast, efficient, and hassle-free. It is the quickest way to create the perfect schedule and gives you and your management team the tools needed to meet your labor budget goals.

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Altametrics Clock

Managing employee time clocks can be strenuous especially with such a big organization. With the standalone Altametrics Clock Mobile App, your managers will be able to eliminate the buddy punching system, and manage your employees’ time easier than ever before! The gamified Clock Dashboard motivates your employees’ to actively control their time and attendance to reduce labor law violations and unwanted overtime hours. Buddy Punching is a thing of the past with the biometrics scanners on our standalone time clock. Pay the hours your employees deserve today.

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