Digital Kitchen Thermometer- A Tutorial On How It Works

What Is A Digital Kitchen Thermometer?

A digital kitchen thermometer is a technologically advanced and convenient way to monitor food temperature remotely while it cooks. The digital kitchen thermometer connects to your smartphone and facilitates you to monitor your food through an app remotely while it cooks. A digital meat thermometer unit usually consists of food temperature probes, transmitter and a remote monitoring unit. You are required to insert the probes into the meat and then they transmit information on temperature via Bluetooth. You don't have to open the oven doors or smokers to read thermometer or worry about burning of the cables while checking the food temperature remotely.

Why You Should Use a Digital Kitchen Thermometer?

Food safety is directly related to the safe temperature at which the food is cooked. The use of food thermometers make sure that the food is cooked at just the right temperature giving you the accurate reading. United States Department of Agriculture also recommends use of a digital food thermometer to avoid the risk of foodborne illness. Here are some of the reasons why we should use a digital meat thermometer-
- Reduces risk of foodborne illnesses
As per a report by USDA, more than 48 million people fall sick and an average of 3000 people die due to foodborne illnesses. Thus, USDA recommends use of food thermometer so that the minimum internal temperature of food can be checked and foodborne illnesses can be avoided. If the food is cooked at the prescribed minimum internal temperature it is safe. Food thermometers help you with accurate readings to prepare safe food.
- Food thermometer helps avoid overcooking and undercooking
Once food reaches the minimum internal temperature, it should be removed from the oven, grill or stove. Food thermometers tell us when the food is properly cooked so it avoids any chance of food being overcooked or undercooked. Overcooking or undercooking of the food reduces the nutritional value and depletes vitamin content of the food.
- Maintains temperature for individual ingredients
To produce proper outcome certain ingredients of recipes are required to be cooked at specific temperature. For example, meat thermometer is required to read thermometer for meat dishes while candies need to be cooked at different temperature. With food thermometers temperature is easy to read for all the ingredients.
- Baby food preparation
Children are most vulnerable to foodborne illnesses due to foods not cooked at the right temperature. Baby foods, milk and milk bottle must be treated at the right temperature to avoid such risks.
- Tells the accurate internal temperature of the food
Firmness, colour, juice colour or shrinkage of the food can't really determine if it is properly cooked. Also these are inaccurate ways to assess the food temperature. Food thermometers or probe thermometers help you with accurate readings to make sure that the food is properly cooked.Grill Thermometer

Cooking is a science, and it takes time to get a feel for it.

Picking up the wrong type of thermometer can lead to overcooked food or undercooked food.

Types of Digital Kitchen Thermometers

Digital kitchen thermometers are a valuable food safety tool in your kitchen. They make sure that the food prepared in your kitchen is cooked at the right temperature and for the right time to kill the harmful bacteria. Here are a few popular types of kitchen thermometers available in the market-
- Thermocouples
These probe thermometers are known to read temperatures very fast, mostly within 5 seconds. Thermocouples are device to measure accurate temperature for both thick and thin foods. They are easy use devices for temperature measurement. Thermocouples are inaccurate during cooking but are most accurate when food is nearly cooked. Thermocouples like pro duo and Thermopro TP are not safe if used as oven thermometer.
- Thermistors or Instant read
Thermistors or instant read thermometers provide fast and accurate readings. It can be used for both thick as well as thin food items. They are not suitable for use while food is cooking.
- Oven probe cord thermometers
They are versatile in easy use and can measure temperature for most foods. They are designed for specific use inside the oven or covered pot but are useful even outside the oven. The only drawback with it that it is not calibrated.
- Thermometer-Fork combination
Thermometer-Fork combination reads temperature as fast as within 2-10 seconds. Their fork-like structure make them convenient and easy use while grilling. Thermometers-fork like Thermapen MK can't be used while cooking, ideally they should be used when the food is almost done cooking.
- Bimetallic thermometers
This is a much slower thermometer which reads temperature in 1-2 minutes. The significance of this thermometer is that it can be used while cooking. It should be ideally placed 2 inches deep for accurate reading. Bimetallic thermometers are probe thermometers ideally meant for roasts, soups, casseroles but should be avoided for thin foods. Their drawbacks include providing inaccurate reading in many cases.
- Instant read bimetallic thermometers
Digital instant read bimetallic thermometers are handy as they provide instant read fast and accurate readings. They can't be used while cooking, but easy use for thick and thin foods both. Be sure before purchasing if the model you have selected is calibrated.
- Disposable temperature indicators
These are single use thermometers. They provide accurate readings in between 5-10 seconds. They are suitable for liquid foods like boiling water and can read temperature while the food is being cooked.
- Pop-up timers
This is also a single use temperature which pops-up after food reaches a certain temperature. It is recommended to combine pop-up with other conventional thermometers for best results.Food Thermometer

How Do Digital Kitchen Thermometer work?

Most of the digital kitchen thermometers available provide accurate reading with an error correction of 2-4 degrees Fahrenheit. This reading will be correct if the placement and location of the probe thermometer is proper. If the digital meat thermometer is placed in the wrong area, the reading is bound to be inaccurate. Here are a few points to consider for using a digital kitchen thermometer-
- Insert probe at least 0.5 inches in the thickest part of the food
- Probe must not touch fat, gristle or bone part of the food
- The temperature reading will come between 2-5 seconds Meat Thermometers

Benefits of Using a Digital Kitchen Thermometer

A digital kitchen thermometer is a state-of-the-art multitasker. It usually monitors the temperatures of different probes while food cooks. A Bluetooth digital thermometer can be used in the kitchen, as well as outdoors and at the barbeque venues as per your convenience. There are no inconvenient cables to take care of, and you can monitor temperature even without opening the door of the oven or barbeque cover. It also alerts you automatically if you move out of range while cooking food. Here are some other benefits of using a digital Bluetooth kitchen thermometer-
- You can monitor food in your kitchen while attending to other things
- You can easily access your food temperature on your smartphone
- Rechargeable battery gives longer duration to the thermometer
- Indoors or outdoors, portability makes the digital Bluetooth thermometer easy to use
- Bluetooth digital thermometers are very accurate in terms of information on temperature
- Several probes are there to monitor temperature of different food items reducing the chance of cross contamination
- Reliable performance makes digital Bluetooth thermometer must have in your kitchen

Cooking is a science and with all the different types of food, it can be difficult to get the right temperature.

The thermometer you’ve been using for years isn’t accurate anymore and you don’t know how to tell.

Things To Consider When Buying A Digital Kitchen Thermometer

Basically the range of temperature, price, remote range and accuracy are four factors that decide the quality of digital Bluetooth meat thermometer. Most of the best digital Bluetooth thermometers now offer Artificial Intelligence based app for better monitoring. Most of them come with a gift card for benefit of the customer. Here are a few other factors that can make your selection of a digital Bluetooth kitchen thermometer easy-
- Separate probes to monitor more than one temperature
- Range of transmission and length of wire
- Range of Bluetooth for monitoring temperature
- Easy use and access of thermometer
- Durability against external factors like water and wind
- Must provide accurate temperature readingsBest MeatMeater PlusGift Cards

Conclusion for Digital Kitchen Thermometer

Food thermometers are a necessary requirement of the food safety. USDA also recommends to use food thermometers to verify that the food has reached the safe minimum internal temperature and the food is safe to consume and avoid risk of any foodborne illnesses.

Having a digital kitchen thermometer is a great idea, but it can be hard to know which one is the best for you.

With so many options, how do you know which one will suit your needs?


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