Faster & Smarter All-in-one Solution To Manage Cash & Sales

Manage cash, sales and accounting from a single solution. Generate reports and secure cash with smart safe.

Cash Management and Accounting Has Never Been So Easy

One solution to handle all your cash management, sales reporting, and accounting. Altametrics reconciles your cash drawers and server banks, records stand bank balances and prepares your bank deposits. Advanced capabilities allow you to integrate directly into your smart safes.



Within seconds, uncover insights from billions of records in real-time



Meet Simon - our virtual decision making coach that guides you



Find out what happened, why it happened and what can you do about it



Act on actionable insights and see your business grow

Stop Theft Before It Happens

Loss prevention watches your business every second, so you don't have to

stop theft

Cash and Sales

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account cash management

Cash Office

Airtight cash and sales reconciliation from employee to stand bank.

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cash office

Smart Safe

Automated cash deposit, armored car service, and reporting.

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I’ve been doing this for a long time so I think one of the best things I’ve seen is restaurant accounting automation and allowing the systems to be able to help us do our job better.

Todd Miller

Todd Miller

Famous Dave’s BBQ Director of Operations

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We’ve never seen a restaurant accounting software handle so many locations, so many reports, so fast.

zerrick pearson

Zerrick Pearson

Five Guys Vice President of Information Technology

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using restaurant accounting software?

Streamlines financial management, saves time, increases accuracy, provides real-time data, and helps make informed decisions.

What features should restaurant accounting software have?

Sales tracking, inventory management, expense tracking, payment processing, reporting, and forecasting.

Is it possible to integrate restaurant accounting software with other systems used in a restaurant?

Yes, many restaurant accounting software have integration options with other systems like POS, payment processing, and HR management.

Is it necessary to have accounting knowledge to use restaurant accounting software?

No, many software options have user-friendly interfaces and offer support and training resources. However, having basic accounting knowledge can be helpful.

Is restaurant accounting software suitable for small, medium and large restaurants?

Yes, different software options cater to different sizes of restaurants, so it is possible to find one that fits the size of your business.