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Employee Scheduling and Shift Management

Creating the perfect schedule can be daunting while managing availability, time off requests, and even ensuring both minor and adult labor laws are considered. But, with the Altametrics Scheduler, scheduling your employees can be fast, efficient, and hassle-free. It is the quickest way to create the perfect schedule and gives you and your management team the tools needed to meet your labor budget goals.

Schedule Employees Faster than ever before!

schedules day view

Create The Perfect Schedule In Seconds

The Altametrics Scheduler saves your managers time when creating the schedule. The schedule builder will show all of your employees’ availability and time off requests to avoid any possible scheduling conflicts. Additionally, labor forecasting is available directly on the schedule builder so your managers can schedule the appropriate amount of staff to prevent over- scheduling and meet demand.

Day View

Different Scheduling Views (Day/Week/Month)

schedules week view

Week View

The Altametrics Scheduler allows you to schedule in various ways to cater to your practices. On the schedule pad, you will immediately know which employees are assigned to which positions and the skill ratings they have been assigned for that position. This way, your more experienced staff can be assigned to the more challenging shifts/sections to ensure customer satisfaction. Another useful tool on the scheduler is the ability to filter by department and job codes. If you have multiple managers who schedule your staff for the various departments, they will be able to filter out the employees who are not assigned to that department. This will allow your managers to create schedules faster and prevent cluttered schedule pads.

schedules labor forecasting

Cut Labor Costs and Back-Wage Pay

Labor Forecasting

The Altametrics Scheduler gives you the most advanced labor forecasting algorithms on the market. Our algorithm takes into account upcoming forecasted sales, weather reports, scheduled events, holidays, store location, size of location, seasonality, past performance, and the custom labor matrix. We roll up all of that information and provide you and your management team the data in an easily consumable format to make it as useful as possible. The forecasting feature only gets better with time. With this data, management can avoid over-scheduling while scheduling the correct amount of staff to meet your demand. With our forecasting feature, we take the guesswork out of scheduling to help you cut your labor costs.

schedules mobile view

Mobile App

Your Schedule on the Go

With the mobile app, managing a schedule has never been so easy. Our mobile app allows your employees to view their schedules, request time off, change availability, offer to swap and pick up shifts, update their contact information, and communicate more effectively. The mobile app also has several customizable notifications that allow your employees to be aware of any schedule changes.

Your manager can now control scheduling changes on the go. Not only will they have access to their own schedule, but they can manage time off requests, availability changes, shift swaps, pick up shift, and drop shift requests. Anytime they make an update to the schedule all of the appropriate parties will be notified and the changes will automatically be reflected on the schedule.

Real-Time Updates

With Altametrics Mobile App, your employees will be notified with real-time updates. Whenever an employee submits a request, their management will be alerted, and that employee can view the status whenever. When there is any change or update made to the schedule, it will instantly reflect in the posted schedule.

schedules mobile shifts

Manage & Maintain Your Perfect Schedule

Swap or Drop a Shift / Pick Up an Open Shift

With the Altametrics Scheduler and mobile app, managers can easily handle changes to the schedule. Employees can request to swap shifts, drop shifts, and pick up shifts easily by using the mobile app.

  • Swap Shifts - when an employee is trading their current assigned shift for another employee’s shift.
  • Drop Shifts - when an employee is unable to work their assigned shift and requests that another employee will cover for him/her.
  • Pick Up Shifts - when an employee requests to pick up a shift that has been dropped or an unassigned (house) shift.

schedules mobile availability

Leave Management and Time Off Requests

Time off requests are made simple to manage with the mobile app. Employees can request time off directly in the mobile application and will have visibility into their leave accruals. When a time off request is submitted, management will be notified and presented with all of the information they need to decide whether or not to approve the request. Additionally, managers can restrict employees from requesting time off on specific dates like holidays.

Real-Time Availability

Employees can edit their availability directly in the mobile app. Managers will be notified of the request and prompted to approve or deny it. For example, when an employee has class on certain days, they can adjust their availability to reflect the times they will actually be able to work.

Integrate Your Software

Integrate your Point-of-Sale, Payroll, HR, and Onboarding software solutions to the Altametrics Scheduler. Share data like labor, sales, guest info, employee info, and employee schedules across the many application you use. With the integration to multiple POS systems, you can enforce clock-in and out times to ensure the perfect schedule you created is followed. Also, you can share your employee information like name, hire date, wage, etc. across the various POS, payroll, HR, and Onboarding software you use. This will ensure consistency in your employee’s profile across any solution you use and lets you avoid data duplication.

Reduce labor cost and create employees schedules in seconds. Let's talk today.

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"Since we started using Altametrics Schedules, we have been able to get our labor deployment and labor forecasting much more accurately than any prior systems that we’ve used."

— Kevin Coveny

Franchise Owner
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"Altametris Schedules has helped us save labor because we don’t have to spend as much time in the office. Using it for scheduling has cut a lot of our time."

— Alberto Valenzuela

Outback Steakhouse
Managing Partner
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"With Altametrics Schedules, we’re able to auto-generate schedules, eliminating unnecessary staffing, and cutting our labor about 2.5%."

— Famous Darren

Famous Dave

Reduce labor cost and create employees schedules in seconds. Let's talk today.

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