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How Inventory Management Impacts Pricing

There are various factors within inventory management that can affect the pricing of products. Following steps to maintain proper stock levels will ensure profitability.
how inventory management impacts pricing

Taking a Look at Menu Costs

Menu costs refer to expenses that result from adjusting prices. Calculating menu costs is vital to businesses, as it will boost their competitive advantage and enhance profit margins.
taking a look at menu costs

What is Ad Hoc Reporting and Why Should You Care?

Ad hoc reporting refers to real-time data reports that are created on an as-needed basis. Using business intelligence, they help companies quickly answer critical questions about their operation.
what is ad hoc reporting and why should you care

Why You Should Invest in Business Intelligence Software

Business intelligence software allows companies to collect, analyze, and transform data into actionable insights that they can use to make informed business decisions.
why you should invest in business intelligence software

10 Tips on How to Successfully Operate a Business

A successfully functioning business ensures that operations thrive for a long time and that profit margins continuously grow. Explore some tips on how to run a lucrative business.
10 tips on how to successfully operate a business

The 3 Major Types of Business Operations

Business operations refer to staff, technology, and assets that establish a company's value. There are 3 types of business operations that companies can identify as.
the 3 major types of business operations

4 Supply Chain Strategies for Digital Transformation & Growth

A supply chain strategy can help business owners successfully manage their supply chain in today's digital age, focus on customer demands, and stay competitive in their industry.
4 supply chain strategies for digital transformation growth

5 Key Steps to Supply Chain Planning

To ensure an effective movement of goods from manufacturers to consumers, supply chain planning is necessary. By following these 5 key steps, companies will gain a competitive edge.
5 key steps to supply chain planning

6 Ways to Make a More Sustainable Supply Chain

Cultivating a sustainable supply chain will allow companies to minimize their social and environmental impact. There are 6 best practices business owners can follow to ensure sustainability.
6 ways to make a more sustainable supply chain

Understanding the Supply Chain Process

Understanding the elements of the supply chain process and effectively optimizing it will ensure a smooth movement of products from manufacturers to customers.
understanding the supply chain process