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Schedule Optimization

Restaurant Employee Schedule Optimization is the process of optimizing employee scheduling in a restaurant. The process of optimizing employee scheduling can include analyzing the need of employees and the demand of customers in a restaurant to create an optimal schedule. The result is a schedule that can lessen the burden of the employees and maximizes customer satisfaction.

For managers, restaurant employee schedule optimization is one step closer to creating the top workforce for the restaurant. It is the best way to get the most out of your current staff by minimizing the overlap of their schedules, which means less time idle and more available staff. This is achieved by implementing an advanced workforce scheduling software that will take into account staff availability, customer demand, and business goals. A restaurant shift is a period of time that employees work at a restaurant, while a restaurant schedule is a day-to-day plan for the work at a restaurant. Restaurant employee schedule optimization is the most efficient way to assign the right number of employees to the right shift to reduce the number of shift changes.

Optimizing employee scheduling is a process of scheduling employees to work at the right time and the right amount to maximize efficiency. Some factors that determine the efficiency of an employee schedule in a restaurant are the number of employees on duty, the hours they are scheduled to work, the amount of time during which they need to work, the time they need to take off.The process of traditional restaurant schedule optimization includes; working with your team to come up with a schedule that best fits their needs, employee scheduling for functioning in the most efficient way possible, taking into account the timeframes for breaks, lunch, and other factors such as commute time, and consider the needs of the company and the needs of your employees.

The benefits of optimizing employee scheduling in restaurants are many, but the first and most important is that it saves on labor. In some cases, a restaurant has overstaffed on the weekends, while there is a shortage during the weekdays. This means that they are paying for excess labor that they are not using. Optimizing their shifts will reduce this waste. The next benefit is that it maximizes profit. By knowing when a restaurant is most likely to be busy, they can adjust their staffing levels to match. The third benefit is that it helps with the quality of service. By optimizing their shifts, restaurants will be able to schedule their most skilled employees to work when the demand is highest. This will also allow them to train their new employees on the same shifts.

A restaurant management solution that is cloud based, with an easy to use interface has the most to offer to today's restaurants. The Altametrics Restaurant Management Software is specifically designed to help you manage your restaurant to meet the needs of your staff, customers, and business. There are many key features and functionalities that this workforce management software offers, but some stand out more than others. For instance; The ability to assign shifts and schedules, to put a shift on hold/hold a shift, give a time off, put days off, put a break or vacation, put a sick day, to see the schedule for the next week or next month and more. All of these features and more are possible with the Restaurant Management Software from Altametrics. This employee schedulingworkforce management software is especially beneficial to human resources because it would make it a lot easier to manage the restaurant and track time and attendance error-free.

Workforce management software or wfm software assists restaurants with schedule optimization. It could be in the form of software that can be installed on a company computer or on a cloud based service that is accessed with a web browser. This management system or wfm software would allow a restaurant manager to enter a list of employees, or current employees, that are available for work. Then the managmenet software would automatically create a schedule for the employees based on the work times and days that they are available. The schedule could be made available to the employees on the software, and they could edit the schedule and make any necessary changes. The workforce management software would enforce the schedule, and any changes made to the schedule by an employee must be approved by the manager.

WFM software is designed for the purpose of making sure workers have the hours they need in order to get paid. It would not have the capability to make schedule adjustments for other purposes. The best way to determine the correct number of hours for each position is to have a manager work with the staff to figure out the hours that need to be covered. The main purpose of workforce management software is to optimize the workforce, hence it can help in the optimization of restaurant employee scheduling. The general idea is that the wfm software, which is based on an algorithm, is used to create the best schedule for the employees. This management software factors in all the factors that would affect the schedule, such as the hours that some employees can work, the geographic location, the number of employees, and the flexibility of the employees. The algorithm then assigns the hours to the employees in a manner that is the most efficient.

The benefits of workforce management software are many. These are some of the most important:-

  • The wfm software with inbuilt employee scheduling as one of its key features can generate optimized schedules that take into account all of the employees' preferences and available shifts.
  • Workforce management software can provide an overview of the company's current staffing levels and how they compare to the optimal number of employees.
  • The cloud based workforce software can generate schedules and assign shifts intelligently so that the same employees do not work back-to-back shifts.
  • This employee scheduling wfm software can generate schedules that include part-time employees and accurately predict how much time part-time employees will need for their duties.
  • The wfm software or hr software can provide the company with a graphical representation of their workforce and employees' availability, which is easy to read and understand.

A restaurant employee scheduling software will help your restaurant run more efficiently by using the most appropriate number of staff for the needs of the business. It will provide access to information quicker and easier than current methods. It will improve communication between employees, managers, and customers. With employee schedulingwfm software it is easier to manage employees and create a top workforce for the restuarant which leads to increased productivity. The workforce software can help in scheduling staff for the most efficient use of resources along with reducing the number of employees needed to make a profit and the number of hours needed to find the best schedule for staff. With a significant reduction in overtime, increased employee morale, better customer service, and reduced stress of employee scheduling, restaurants can focus on keeping their customers happy and increase revenue generation.

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Since we started using Altametrics, we have been able to get our labor deployment and labor forecasting much more accurate than any prior systems that we've used

kevin coveney
Kevin Coveney

Denny’s Franchise Owner- New Concord, Ohio

Since we started using Altametrics, we have been able to get our labor deployment and labor forecasting much more accurate than any prior systems that we've used, as well as put our inventory in ordering in sort of a whole new era.

It's very easy for us because we can have our inventory control, and many other aspects of Altametrics provides, is easily assessable for our staff and for us to view it from anywhere we want. So, I think that's just fantastic.

That's the reason why we have the system in place. Because without it, I really would end up not making any money. So, it's very important. Food cost is one of the most important. That and labor are the two biggest factors for me that we watch - like hawks. It's very, very important for us.

We don't leave the ordering decisions up to sort of, you know, feelings about how much I might need to this or that. This is a more scientific way or more exact approach.

We are using iPhones every day for every little thing. And if the staff can have their schedules on their iPhones, where they can just look at it or, you know, they get notifications or information that, you know, this is when you're required or this is where, you know, it's just like something with just pops up.

You have to have a good system in place to run, to run a business like that. It's without it. You really don't have very much.

My level of comfortability with looking at my weekly orders, especially our major food orders, is much higher than it was two years ago.

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Time Clock

A time clock so game-changingle innovative it's been awarded a US Patent.

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Five Guys

My Hong Kong team can opt to see all their business intelligence reporting in US dollars and that reporting is done on the fly to make it very valuable for the team in that market.

zerrick pearson
Zerrick Pearson

Five Guys Vice President of Information Technology

In looking at a host of products, it was simply the best performer in workforce management. The speed at which they handle the enterprise level business intelligence needs of five guys, everyone here was just blown away

We’ve never seen a restaurant software handle so many locations, so many reports, so fast. For us, it’s like a utility knife right? My finance teams can use it, my purchasing teams can use it, my workforce management teams can use it, my ops teams can use it, my training teams can use it. We’re also putting in some data around our secret shopper program and customer service as well. So, for us, we are able to put all restaurant business intelligence from all aspects of our business into our restaurant software and find corollaries where we didn’t know they existed before. There’s no part of our business that does not use the restaurant software both domestically and globally. Being able to handle exchange rates, especially being able to customize the restaurant software to fit your needs. Meaning in the US I can choose to see all sales across all products across all countries in US dollars. But the Netherlands team can opt to see it in Euros right? My Hong Kong team can opt to see all their business intelligence reporting in US dollars and that reporting is done on the fly to make it very valuable for the team in that market.

I’ve never seen a restaurant software be so flexible and we’re just thrilled for how it works for us. So Altametrics workforce management software and delivery, it’s been critical for us being able to absorb and understand how deliveries impacted our business. Delivery has been a big disruptor in the food service industry in the US as a whole. We’re trailing the rest of the world because this happened globally many years ago, but being able to see, to download the details at the store level, area level, regional level and then being able to break it out by vendor. It allows us to be very very nimble in the decisions we make and how we run the business.

We can train most folks to use the restaurant software within about two to three minutes and from there they just run with it right? There’s not a very steep learning curve so by playing it across the enterprise was very very easy for us. So we were very pleasantly surprised at how fast folks picked up and gained value from the tool across the organization.

As we grow we keep finding new things that we didn’t know that it could do for us right? We’re looking at other restaurant software or other tools to sort of supplement it. They said no, it can do it. Here’s a business intelligence report, let me show you, right? So we’re always happy with some of the new things popping up in the restaurant software and it’s just become critical for everything that we do.

I’ve actually been in board meetings and some will bring up, well I wonder what you do if you know some factor or some question regarding sales or product mix. I can simply pull out my phone and pull the business intelligence up right there in the meeting and I’ll get hey were did you get that from and how did you get that so quickly. Yeah, it makes me look good. We’re actually not yet using all that the restaurant software can do, but that’s more on us than Altametrics. It’s just a fantastic restaurant software for business intelligence, I’ve got nothing bad to say about it.

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Workforce management software is a type of software that helps companies manage their employees and workforce efficiently.
  • Time & Attendance tracking
  • Schedule management
  • Leave management
  • Payroll management
  • Performance evaluation
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved accuracy & compliance
  • Better employee engagement
  • Streamlined HR processes
  • Better cost management
Workforce management software can be used by businesses of all sizes, across various industries such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, construction, and more.
  • User-friendliness
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Customization options
  • Technical support and training.
Workforce management software integrates with payroll systems by automatically transferring employee attendance data and other HR information such as compensation, benefits, and deductions to the payroll system, reducing manual errors and speeding up the payroll processing time.