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Peet's Coffee

The ability to go in and do food managemet on a weekly basis, do all of our receiving within that system, also for it to forecast orders out is really starting to make the analytics and insight into how we better control our costs just improve ten fold.

nadia lynn
Nadia Lynn

Peet’s Store Manager Berkeley

It’s really given us a new view into our business that we just frankly previously didn’t have. The ability to go in and do food managemet on a weekly basis, do all of our receiving within that system, also for it to forecast orders out is really starting to make the analytics and insight into how we better control our costs just improve ten fold.

On the old system, there was of course, sorting was not available on the old restaurant software so a lot of the times it was going through piles and piles of papers trying to find the exact item name of something I needed. The old restaurant software was frustrating. The new system, it’s like we’re in the 21st century. We have restaurant software that we can use and it’s awesome. If managers were spending 40% of their time in the back office and we can reduce that to 10 or 20% by streamlining, then they’re out shaking hands, kissing babies, serving customers. So not just the dollar impact is kind of immediate, but the impact on the manager, the quality of life of the manager. What that does to the customer, it works. It’s such a great asset for us.

I would be hard pressed to find something to replace e-restaurant restaurant software. It has become a very integral piece of food management within the company now that again the ease of use, the data suite, the reporting, it’s all become a very integral part of the day to day operations at Peet’s. I’ve had nothing but a pleasurable experience working with the Altametrics team. Everybody I’ve had contact with has either had the answer, sought out the answer, has been incredibly responsive. They’ve been truly a pleasure to work with. They really understand what your goal is and they will collaborate with you to get there. They will not just find solutions, they will recommend solutions.

Stop just transacting your business, go and optimize it. If you want a restaurant software that you can trust to do that and if you want a team that will be patient and solution oriented. Pick the right tool, pick the right team.

Prep doesn't get any easier or more acurrance than this.

Prep and production forecast and automated labels.

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Automated Prep Labels

100% accurate, 100% of the time

automated prep labels
Forecast Prep and production

Maximum product quality without waste



Outback Steakhouse

The food management products are an integral part of how we operate our business. So it’s not just restaurant software, it is part of our culture

richard valle
Richard Del Valle

Outback Steakhouse Chief Business Officer

Altametrics is a strategic partner. They’ve been a strategic partner in the past, they’re a strategic partner today. These food management products are an integral part of how we operate our business. So it’s not just restaurant software, it is part of our culture.

If you look at something like food, the process of rolling out a restaurant inventory application will result in better food and a lot of people miss that. They think that when they roll out a restaurant inventory application they’re just really looking to control costs. In reality what you’re doing is you’re retraining your entire organization around your recipes, around your food quality, around waste and these things will find their way onto the table. If everybody in the kitchen and all the management staff knows exactly what the recipe is on something, and they do because they see it every day and they work with it every day, then chances of you getting product out of the kitchen that aren’t good or aren’t right drop significantly. So you’re consistency improves considerably and they also become very careful with how they cook because they don’t want to waste anything because they see those waste numbers constantly.

So steak doneness which is obviously one of the most important things that we do in an outback improves dramatically and it’s very rare that we have a steak go back because we missed the cooking temp that you were looking for. That’s been a big improvement for us as a company.

Altametrics, I think is a great restaurant software for us personally. I think that it has helped us save labor where we don’t spend as much time in the office. I find that we’re using Altametrics for restaurant scheduling. It cuts a lot of our time, I find that as a food management tool and as a platform is something that every company should use.

If you decide that you need a report to look a certain way or you need the restaurant software to behave in a certain direction. If you’re capable of articulating what you want you have a better than even chance of getting it. I don’t find that with every partner. So for me, Altametrics has been a superb partner. I’ve never really had any complaints and it’s been well over 15 years now with multiple organizations and that dynamic has not changed in the product.

Eliminate inventory variance. Your profits will thank you.

Simple intuitive inventory control. The way it should be.

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Food and Beverage Cost

Reduce inventory count time by 75% with Altametrics Inventory Pro.

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Forecasting and Predictive Analytics

The most powerful forecasting engine in the industry. Unparallel accuracy and speed determines exactly how many employees you need in what position by the minute.

And, when business conditions change, your forecast does too. Coaching your managers in real-time to optimize guest service and profits.


Sports Events


Local Events



Automated Ordering

Automated Ordering and replenishment make sure you always have the right amount of inventory on hand. Your managers save time because they no longer need to calculate and place orders. It's all done automatically.

Advance AI makes sure you don't order too much tying up money in unnecessary inventory and orders are always optimized so you never run out of product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of food inventory software include:- improved accuracy, increased efficiency, reduced food waste, better inventory control and management, and cost savings.
Food inventory software works by automating the process of tracking food stocks, usage, and ordering. It uses barcode scanning, weight tracking, and other methods to accurately record and update inventory levels in real-time.
Features to look for in a food inventory software include:- real-time inventory tracking, vendor management, order and receiving management, recipe and menu management, waste tracking, and reporting and analysis capabilities.
Yes, food inventory software can be used by restaurants of all sizes, including small ones.