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Supply Chain Automation and Food Cost Optimization

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Usage data to cut ordering costs
Customize your stores' order guides and count sheets
From integrated invoices to prep alerts, see the entire supply chain
Super accurate AI based variance reporting

Reduce Inventory Time

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Reduce Inventory Time

Reducing inventory time can result in greater profits for your restaurant business. However, it is not always as simple as adding another register and calling it a day. Restaurant management software from Altametrics can help you reduce inventory time and simplify your restaurant operations. While increasing your staff and optimizing your check-in process can go a long way toward reducing inventory time, you should also look at ways to reduce the time it takes to restock. By improving your supply chain, you can shave a few days off the time it takes to replenish your store. Reducing inventory time is crucial for any restaurant business that relies on a steady flow of customers. In the fast-paced world of the modern diner, mistakes are made, tables turn, and customers slip through the cracks. To ensure that you are always serving the freshest food and beverages to your customers, you need to reduce the time between restocking. Reducing your inventory time can increase profits, increase employee efficiency, and reduce your risk of running out of food.

Implementing a faster inventory management system can be overwhelming and intimidating. However, the benefits of implementing a faster inventory management system will far outweigh the time and energy you spend on this effort. Not only will you see a significant return on your investment, but you will also see faster, more accurate results that lead to better customer service, customer experience and loyalty. Reducing inventory is one of the quickest ways to drive traffic and increase revenue in the restaurant industry. Implementing a faster inventory management system will do wonders for your restaurant's productivity and profitability. Therefore, increased inventory turns mean higher sales per hour. This, in turn, will increase your revenue per hour. Once you have achieved the desired level of inventory turns, you can then optimize your restaurant operations for the highest possible profit.

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Peet's Coffee

The ability to go in and do food managemet on a weekly basis, do all of our receiving within that system, also for it to forecast orders out is really starting to make the analytics and insight into how we better control our costs just improve ten fold.

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Nadia Lynn

Peet’s Store Manager Berkeley

Food Management Case Study

It’s really given us a new view into our business that we just frankly previously didn’t have. The ability to go in and do food managemet on a weekly basis, do all of our receiving within that system, also for it to forecast orders out is really starting to make the analytics and insight into how we better control our costs just improve ten fold.

On the old system, there was of course, sorting was not available on the old restaurant software so a lot of the times it was going through piles and piles of papers trying to find the exact item name of something I needed. The old restaurant software was frustrating. The new system, it’s like we’re in the 21st century. We have restaurant software that we can use and it’s awesome. If managers were spending 40% of their time in the back office and we can reduce that to 10 or 20% by streamlining, then they’re out shaking hands, kissing babies, serving customers. So not just the dollar impact is kind of immediate, but the impact on the manager, the quality of life of the manager. What that does to the customer, it works. It’s such a great asset for us.

I would be hard pressed to find something to replace e-restaurant restaurant software. It has become a very integral piece of food management within the company now that again the ease of use, the data suite, the reporting, it’s all become a very integral part of the day to day operations at Peet’s. I’ve had nothing but a pleasurable experience working with the Altametrics team. Everybody I’ve had contact with has either had the answer, sought out the answer, has been incredibly responsive. They’ve been truly a pleasure to work with. They really understand what your goal is and they will collaborate with you to get there. They will not just find solutions, they will recommend solutions.

Stop just transacting your business, go and optimize it. If you want a restaurant software that you can trust to do that and if you want a team that will be patient and solution oriented. Pick the right tool, pick the right team.

Prep doesn't get any easier or more accurate than this

Prep and production forecast and automated labels.
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Prep doesn't get any easier or more acurrance than this.

Preparing food at a restaurant is a complicated process, and there are many different areas of responsibility. However, not everyone has the same level of experience or training when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of the kitchen. This makes it difficult for restaurant businesses of all sizes and concepts to operate smoothly. When it comes to running a successful restaurant business, there's a lot that goes into the preparation. Preparing food at the right temperature, portioning it correctly, and making sure guest tables are ready on time all require the same amount of attention and precision. That's where Altametrics restaurant management software comes in. It can help keep your restaurant business organized, productive, and running as smoothly as possible. It makes it easier than ever to accurately prepare your dishes, keep track of your sales, and manage your staff faster than ever.

The time it takes to get food ready for service can make or break a restaurant's flow and profits. If dishes take too long to prepare, it can slow down tableside service, negatively affect food quality and lead to staff shortages. If dishes take too little time to prepare, precious prep time can be squandered. With accurate, efficient, and streamlined restaurant management software all these tasks are easy to execute without any chance of error. It allows kitchen staff to spend less time on unimportant tasks, resulting in more time on the essentials.

Food prep staff often have to multitask and rely on their routines to get dinner on the table in a timely manner. That is why so many restaurant managers struggle to achieve accurate prep times. With so many tasks to remember, food prep staff often rely on check-off lists to help them out. These lists make it easier for staff to remember when key tasks are carried out. But check-off lists are not infallible. They are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and prone to human error. With the food prep feature of Altametrics restaurant management software, you can achieve all this with minimal effort.

Suggested Ordering Feature Lets You Know How Much To Order Based Off Your Previous Usage

100% accurate, 100% of the time
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Works With Major Food Vendors

Interfaces with all major North American food suppliers
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Suggested Ordering Feature Lets You Know How Much To Order Based Off Your Previous Usage

Get started with automated prep labels with high-quality printers and enterprise-grade software from Altametrics and take your restaurant business to a new level. We understand the challenges of running a successful restaurant business and how streamlining restaurant operations can help to achieve this. When it comes to running a successful restaurant business, every detail counts. From choosing the right dishes to planning the perfect restaurant marketing campaign, every decision can make or break a restaurant business.

To stay ahead of the curve and increase production efficiency, many restaurant managers have begun adopting automated prep and cooking equipment and software. Prep and cook automation is a great way to streamline restaurant operations, and production and decrease the time spent on cooking. It can also significantly reduce labor costs. Once installed, the restaurant management software automatically focuses on a specific task and can be used to prepare and cook specific items. This way, you can increase production efficiency and make sure your staff is fully occupied.

Today, quick service restaurants (QSRs) face many challenges in an ever-changing, competitive restaurant industry. The ability to increase production efficiency is paramount to remaining viable in an oversaturated market. Restaurant marketing efforts are required to gain visibility and increase sales. Many small and independent quick service restaurant businesses have been forced to close in the face of increasing operational costs and an increasingly competitive marketplace. To remain competitive, QSRs will need to adopt a more automated production model, which can significantly increase operational efficiency. Preparing and cooking food in restaurant industry is labor-intensive and time-consuming, which is one of the main reasons why QSRs have such a high staff-to-table ratio. A highly-trained and motivated staff is also difficult to retain. In addition, the rising cfood cost, labor cost, health regulations, and inconsistent guest traffic have all made it more expensive and time-consuming to operate a restaurant business. For these reasons, many QSRs are turning to automated production to increase production efficiency, reduce costs, and stay competitive.

With the growing popularity of the fast-casual segment of the restaurant industry, increasing numbers of new concepts are entering the restaurant industry. These new players need to grow and expand their restaurant businesses as quickly as possible, which means streamlining restaurant operations and increasing production efficiency. The prep counter is a critical production area in any restaurant business. Food preparation and production tasks are dynamic and constantly changing, which makes it challenging for restaurant managers with limited production space and staff. Prep labeling is one of the most labor-intensive parts of the production process. It is also one of the most error-prone. Automated prep labels from Altametrics restaurant management solution can help your business reach new production levels while freeing up labor and expensive equipment.

Works With Major Food Vendors

Reduce your restaurant's food waste with Altametrics restaurant management system. With accurate prep forecasting, and inventory management features you can control your production and inventory to reduce wastage. Harness the power of data and reports to make informed decision to run your restaurant operations smoothly.

Restaurants across the world are struggling with food waste. In the US alone, food costs make up a staggering 20-25% of restaurant operating costs. The rising food cost and packaging cost and the global demand-supply imbalance have caused the food waste in the restaurant industry to skyrocket. For instance, in the UK, 17 million tons of food is wasted or lost annually, of which 17 million tons could have been eaten. This comes out to approximately 23 billion worth of food being wasted every year. The impact of food waste in the restaurant industry has become more prominent as well. The rising food cost and labor cost have forced many restaurants to look at cost-cutting measures, including reducing staff and menu prices. In response to this, many restaurants have started using technology to reduce food waste.

Food waste is a major financial burden for any business, and tech-savvy restaurants can minimize the financial burden by using technology to reduce food waste. The volume of food thrown away by restaurants every year is staggering. Between 30 and 50 percent of the food produced for consumption is either thrown away or wasted. This is a result of a variety of factors, including a lack of adequate equipment, a failure to consider future needs, and a failure to implement best practices. Reducing food waste is a result-oriented endeavor that requires a multifaceted approach. Implementing a proper restaurant management system, like Altametrics restaurant management software can help restaurant managers streamline their operations and make the most of their resources.

Food prep staff are often the first to feel the pinch, and their constant stream of orders often means that food waste is likely to be a constant worry. These factors all point towards one thing:- the kitchen is going to be a nightmare to navigate when it's at its busiest. It's a scenario that's all too familiar to many chefs and restaurant managers, which is why more and more are turning to food waste analytics to help them tackle the problem. These restaurant management solutions can be as simple as linking a food waste tracking app to a POS system. They can also be as complex as an in-depth forecasting solution that helps chefs prepare for peak times. Regardless of the level of sophistication involved, with these restaurant management solutions, the end result is the same:- more efficient food prep that means less waste, and happier customers.

Outback Steakhouse

The food management products are an integral part of how we operate our business. So it’s not just restaurant software, it is part of our culture

richard valle.webp
Richard Del Valle

Outback Steakhouse Chief Business Officer

Food Management Case Study

Altametrics is a strategic partner. They’ve been a strategic partner in the past, they’re a strategic partner today. These food management products are an integral part of how we operate our business. So it’s not just restaurant software, it is part of our culture.

If you look at something like food, the process of rolling out a restaurant inventory application will result in better food and a lot of people miss that. They think that when they roll out a restaurant inventory application they’re just really looking to control costs. In reality what you’re doing is you’re retraining your entire organization around your recipes, around your food quality, around waste and these things will find their way onto the table. If everybody in the kitchen and all the management staff knows exactly what the recipe is on something, and they do because they see it every day and they work with it every day, then chances of you getting product out of the kitchen that aren’t good or aren’t right drop significantly. So you’re consistency improves considerably and they also become very careful with how they cook because they don’t want to waste anything because they see those waste numbers constantly.

So steak doneness which is obviously one of the most important things that we do in an outback improves dramatically and it’s very rare that we have a steak go back because we missed the cooking temp that you were looking for. That’s been a big improvement for us as a company.

Altametrics, I think is a great restaurant software for us personally. I think that it has helped us save labor where we don’t spend as much time in the office. I find that we’re using Altametrics for restaurant scheduling. It cuts a lot of our time, I find that as a food management tool and as a platform is something that every company should use.

If you decide that you need a report to look a certain way or you need the restaurant software to behave in a certain direction. If you’re capable of articulating what you want you have a better than even chance of getting it. I don’t find that with every partner. So for me, Altametrics has been a superb partner. I’ve never really had any complaints and it’s been well over 15 years now with multiple organizations and that dynamic has not changed in the product.

Eliminate inventory variance. Your profits will thank you.

Simple intuitive inventory control. The way it should be.
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Eliminate inventory variance. Your profits will thank you.

Even the most successful restaurant businesses have problems staying stocked with the right ingredients at the right time. Restaurants are high-turnover operations, with each dish requiring different amounts of time to prepare and cook. As a result, there's a lot of food waste, as dishes get made and then thrown away before they're used. And in the restaurant industry with such high minimum wage requirements, every dollar counts. Inventory is the biggest source of variance in a restaurant's monthly cost of goods sold. It is also the single biggest reason why food costs are so much higher than competitors.

Sustaining and growing in the restaurant industry requires predictability and a certain level of stability. For a restaurant business to succeed, it needs to make a profit. Restaurant managers need to constantly monitor the costs and revenues of their restaurant business in order to make informed decisions about how to run it and maximize profit. Eliminating inventory variance is a strategy that you can use to gain a better understanding of your restaurant business' true costs and profits, as well as reduce risk.

In restaurant bsuiness margins are notoriously slim. So, how do you keep expenses as low as possible and still turn a profit? Eliminating inventory variance is one of the most important things you can do to increase your restaurant's profitability. Reducing inventory levels is a great way to reduce expenses and increase profits. To achieve this restaurant managers must accurately predict how much inventory they will need to order from their suppliers. That way, they can keep accurate track of how much they have on hand at all times. However, this is easier said than done. This time-consuming task can be easily completed with the Altametrics restaurant management software. The inbuilt inventory management software offers lots of important functionalities including controlling inventory variance. It also helps them prevent overproduction, which can drive up costs, and cause significant markdowns and write-offs.

Food and Beverage Cost

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Reduce inventory count time by 75% with Altametrics Inventory.
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Food and Beverage Cost

With increasing operational costs and a constantly changing food environment, managing expenses and cost control is one of the most important factors in running a successful restaurant business. The constantly changing food cost is one of the most difficult factors for any restaurant industry to manage. Food costs account for about 70% of the total operating costs for a restaurant. However, these food costs can vary widely from one establishment to another. The percentage of total monthly expenses that food costs make up for any restaurant business will also vary. For some restaurant businesses, food costs may be a small percentage of their overall monthly expenses. Other businesses may be more cost-conscious and have food costs make up a much larger percentage of their monthly expenses. To manage your food costs, you need to first understand where your money is going. With the cost analysis feature from Altametrics restaurant management solution, you can analyze your beverage and food costs.

The food and beverage cost is one of the most important costs of ownership of any restaurant business. It makes up a large part of the total operating cost. The higher the food cost, the higher the food cost of ownership. In order to reduce the food cost at your restaurant, then you need to understand the food cost at other restaurants in your area and implement the best restaurant management strategy for your restaurant. There are many variables that can impact the food cost at your restaurant, including the type of cuisine your restaurant serves, the types of customers that frequent your restaurant, the size of your kitchen, and so on. The best way to control the food cost at your restaurant is to implement restaurant management software that presents you with solid data to make informed decisions and make the biggest impact.


To keep costs down and ensure maximum productivity, many restaurant owners turn to inventory management software. By using restaurant management software or pos system to its fullest potential, a restaurant business can streamline its workflow while also reducing the risk of human error. With inventory management software from Altametrics, you can help your restaurant save money by monitoring expenditures and keeping tabs on stock levels.

Even a small restaurant business needs to track inventory efficiently. This is critical for businesses that operate on slim margins and need to keep track of every single piece of inventory. So, what is the best restaurantinventory management process? Using inventory management software for your restaurant business. With inventory management software for restaurants, you can accurately keep track of your inventory from purchase order to expiration date. Using a restaurant management system for instance from Altametrics, you can:- Keep track of incoming and outgoing inventory, purchase order to expiration date, storage location, and type of inventory, visualize your inventory and analyze trends, generate reports and perform accounting functions, and manage employees and suppliers.

Quick Transfers

Transfer products and get updated data in real time. Stay informed of your stock levels at all times and make sure everything is accounted for, all with an ease of a simple click.

Automated Ordering

Automated Ordering and replenishment make sure you always have the right amount of inventory on hand. Your managers save time because they no longer need to calculate and place orders. It's all done automatically.

Advance AI makes sure you don't order too much tying up money in unnecessary inventory and orders are always optimized so you never run out of product.

Trusted by 1,000,000+ restaurant pros around the world

Frequently Asked Questions

What is good inventory management?
Inventory management is the process of keeping goods on hand and recording its use. Obviously, in the world of businesses that rely heavily on inventory, good inventory management is key to their success. Restaurants are a great example where a good inventory management system is necessary in order to stay organized and see how profitable your business is.
How can I be a good inventory manager?
To be a good inventory manager, one must understand the process of inventory from start to finish. They must be involved in the ordering, storage, and counting of these products. Also, once the information has been recorded, they must be able to analyze the data and come to a decision based on the information. Normally this process is quite long but with the aid of an inventory management software, one can reduce the amount of time it takes to do this by up to 75%. Altametrics is the leading software on the market used by hundreds of popular brands to keep track of their inventory.
How often should I manage inventory?
An operator must always keep an eye on inventory as this will help prevent complications such as abuse and theft. Typically businesses conduct an inventory once a week. Depending on your business it may be necessary to do an additional inventory once a month. Restaurants will do an inventory once a week as this gives enough data to make an informed business decision and correct any behaviors before it becomes too problematic. Altametrics provides weekly, monthly and even daily frequencies to conduct these inventories.
What is the main objective of inventory management?
There are many objectives of inventory management, but the true objective is to know where your business is at with costs. By keeping constant track of your products, you will know how often you use up the products, the current stock and which products move the quickest. Overall, you will be knowledgeable in your current business standing by managing your inventory well. Altametrics makes keeping track of your inventory easy and seamless.

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