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Back Office is the operating system that powers everything you do in your restaurant. It lets you do things you simply can’t with other products. That’s because it’s designed by restaurant operators — not programmers. And the latest version, of Back Office, gives you more of everything you love about Altametrics.



Within seconds, uncover insights from billions of records in real-time



Meet Simon - our virtual decision making coach that guides you



Find out what happened, why it happened and what can you do about it



Act on actionable insights and see your business grow

Workforce Optimization

The vision behind Workforce Management has never wavered: Transform the employee scheduling and management experience by fitting powerful, easy-to-use technology into an elegant, beautiful design. Workforce Management takes that idea to the next level — giving you even more amazing tools to do just about anything.

workforce optimization
Workforce Management

Give your managers and employees the tools to win.

workforce management new
Time Clock

A time clock so innovative it's been awarded a US patent.

time is money
Labor law compliance

Take the complexity out of wage and hour laws. Get back to running your business.

labor law compliance back office
Scheduling App

Make checking schedules and team communication a snap.

schedule app back office
Jack in the Box icon


Jack in the Box

The restaurant software is user-friendly and it’s something that anyone from an inexperienced to experienced restaurant manager can understand.

richard valle
Steven Floar

Jack In The Box Franchisee- Hemet, CA

I've seen so many changes over the years, I became a franchisee in nineteen eighty-five, and I've seen this system improve and every once in a while, we hit a home run, and I would call Altametrics a home run. When you have restaurant software that can prove your business. You know, you're kind of greedy and anxious and you want it today.

What I most enjoy about Altametrics is the fact that remotely myself, or my DMs, can get in and oversee helping a manager with the schedule or what is our labor for the day. And then even drilling down to like the hourly reporting where we can be checking our labor before all the metrics, we did not have the capacity to know. At this hour, our labor is running at this percentage. We did not have that.

So, the three reasons that I would recommend Altametrics are the ease of use, the ability to see real time data and percentages, and then the quality of life for your restaurant managers and multi-unit supervisors.

We do quite a bit of daily reporting and we say, OK, what are your sales and what is your labor and what is your speed? And so, if something's out of line, they can they understand that they need correction right away.

My favorite thing about the Zip Clock restaurant software with Altametrics is that our team leaders are able to make sure that we're in compliance, which in California has really become, you know, a huge issue that we're always dealing with. And also, the fact that we can control our overtime

At the place where we're making the bucks, and that's at the ground floor in the store. It's user friendly. And it's something that anywhere from an experience to an experienced manager can understand,

For them to be able to go in and maximize their shift and do what they're supposed to do and then be able to go home and say, hey, take a breather and then I can log in remotely and I can do my schedule. It's just better quality of life all the way around.

Coaching, Reporting and Business Intelligence

Maximum intelligence - packed with the latest reports, data visualtiztion, predictive analysis and coaching features. Everything is accessible to your operators in the easiest to use interface ever made. It’s the total package that empowers operators to maximize operations - anywhere and anytime.

coach reporting category

Operations excellence achieved by sharing real-time KPIs. Makes multi-unit managment a breeze

coach box office
Daily Activity Report (DAR)

Your sales, labor numbers, speed of service and more, in your pocket

daily activity report back office
Business Intelligence

Make everyone a genius. The anwer to all your question is finally here.

business intelligence new

We love reports as much as you do. That's why creating your own reports is so easy.

five guys logo


Five Guys

My Hong Kong team can opt to see all their business intelligence reporting in US dollars and that reporting is done on the fly to make it very valuable for the team in that market.

zerrick pearson
Zerrick Pearson

Five Guys Vice President of Information Technology

In looking at a host of products, it was simply the best performer in workforce management. The speed at which they handle the enterprise level business intelligence needs of five guys, everyone here was just blown away

We’ve never seen a restaurant software handle so many locations, so many reports, so fast. For us, it’s like a utility knife right? My finance teams can use it, my purchasing teams can use it, my workforce management teams can use it, my ops teams can use it, my training teams can use it. We’re also putting in some data around our secret shopper program and customer service as well. So, for us, we are able to put all restaurant business intelligence from all aspects of our business into our restaurant software and find corollaries where we didn’t know they existed before. There’s no part of our business that does not use the restaurant software both domestically and globally. Being able to handle exchange rates, especially being able to customize the restaurant software to fit your needs. Meaning in the US I can choose to see all sales across all products across all countries in US dollars. But the Netherlands team can opt to see it in Euros right? My Hong Kong team can opt to see all their business intelligence reporting in US dollars and that reporting is done on the fly to make it very valuable for the team in that market.

I’ve never seen a restaurant software be so flexible and we’re just thrilled for how it works for us. So Altametrics workforce management software and delivery, it’s been critical for us being able to absorb and understand how deliveries impacted our business. Delivery has been a big disruptor in the food service industry in the US as a whole. We’re trailing the rest of the world because this happened globally many years ago, but being able to see, to download the details at the store level, area level, regional level and then being able to break it out by vendor. It allows us to be very very nimble in the decisions we make and how we run the business.

We can train most folks to use the restaurant software within about two to three minutes and from there they just run with it right? There’s not a very steep learning curve so by playing it across the enterprise was very very easy for us. So we were very pleasantly surprised at how fast folks picked up and gained value from the tool across the organization.

As we grow we keep finding new things that we didn’t know that it could do for us right? We’re looking at other restaurant software or other tools to sort of supplement it. They said no, it can do it. Here’s a business intelligence report, let me show you, right? So we’re always happy with some of the new things popping up in the restaurant software and it’s just become critical for everything that we do.

I’ve actually been in board meetings and some will bring up, well I wonder what you do if you know some factor or some question regarding sales or product mix. I can simply pull out my phone and pull the business intelligence up right there in the meeting and I’ll get hey were did you get that from and how did you get that so quickly. Yeah, it makes me look good. We’re actually not yet using all that the restaurant software can do, but that’s more on us than Altametrics. It’s just a fantastic restaurant software for business intelligence, I’ve got nothing bad to say about it.

Ordering and Inventory

Ordering and Inventory has always been the ultimate in form and function. An elegant, easy-to-use, solution that puts everything — ordering, receiving, transfers, prep, inventory, and more — inside one simple, remarkable experience. And thanks to its exclusive self-healing architecture, it's a joy to use and a dream to implement.

category order inventory
Automated Ordering

Advanced AI algorithms take care of ordering so you can take care of customers.

automated ordering back office

Reduce inventory count time by 75% with Altametrics Inventory Pro.

inventory back office
Lower Food and Bar Costs

Say goodbye to excessive food and liquor variance and waste.

Prep and Production

Employees know exactly how much to make and when. The freshest products without the waste.

prep and production new
peets logo circle


Peet's Coffee

The ability to go in and do food managemet on a weekly basis, do all of our receiving within that system, also for it to forecast orders out is really starting to make the analytics and insight into how we better control our costs just improve ten fold.

nadia lynn
Nadia Lynn

Peet’s Store Manager Berkeley

It’s really given us a new view into our business that we just frankly previously didn’t have. The ability to go in and do food managemet on a weekly basis, do all of our receiving within that system, also for it to forecast orders out is really starting to make the analytics and insight into how we better control our costs just improve ten fold.

On the old system, there was of course, sorting was not available on the old restaurant software so a lot of the times it was going through piles and piles of papers trying to find the exact item name of something I needed. The old restaurant software was frustrating. The new system, it’s like we’re in the 21st century. We have restaurant software that we can use and it’s awesome. If managers were spending 40% of their time in the back office and we can reduce that to 10 or 20% by streamlining, then they’re out shaking hands, kissing babies, serving customers. So not just the dollar impact is kind of immediate, but the impact on the manager, the quality of life of the manager. What that does to the customer, it works. It’s such a great asset for us.

I would be hard pressed to find something to replace e-restaurant restaurant software. It has become a very integral piece of food management within the company now that again the ease of use, the data suite, the reporting, it’s all become a very integral part of the day to day operations at Peet’s. I’ve had nothing but a pleasurable experience working with the Altametrics team. Everybody I’ve had contact with has either had the answer, sought out the answer, has been incredibly responsive. They’ve been truly a pleasure to work with. They really understand what your goal is and they will collaborate with you to get there. They will not just find solutions, they will recommend solutions.

Stop just transacting your business, go and optimize it. If you want a restaurant software that you can trust to do that and if you want a team that will be patient and solution oriented. Pick the right tool, pick the right team.

Accounting and Cash Management

With Accounting and Cash Control, everything is designed to work just how you expect it to - from till, safe, and deposit reconciliation with a simple, intuitive interface to have your reporting and accounting applications automatically update themselves. Whatever you set out to do with Accounting & Cash Control, there's much less to learn and that much more time to grow your business

account and cash management large
Cash Office

Airtight cash and sales reconciliation from employee to bank.

cash office
Smart Safe

Automated cash deposit, armored car service, and reporting.

box smart safe
ERP and Accounting

Integrate sales, invoices, and more directly into your ERP or accounting system.

automated ordering back office
Food Safety First

Protect your brand with trusted food safety HACCP and temperature monitoring.

food safety first


Outback Steakhouse

The food management products are an integral part of how we operate our business. So it’s not just restaurant software, it is part of our culture

richard valle
Richard Del Valle

Peet’s Store Manager Berkeley

Altametrics is a strategic partner. They’ve been a strategic partner in the past, they’re a strategic partner today. These food management products are an integral part of how we operate our business. So it’s not just restaurant software, it is part of our culture.

If you look at something like food, the process of rolling out a restaurant inventory application will result in better food and a lot of people miss that. They think that when they roll out a restaurant inventory application they’re just really looking to control costs. In reality what you’re doing is you’re retraining your entire organization around your recipes, around your food quality, around waste and these things will find their way onto the table. If everybody in the kitchen and all the management staff knows exactly what the recipe is on something, and they do because they see it every day and they work with it every day, then chances of you getting product out of the kitchen that aren’t good or aren’t right drop significantly. So you’re consistency improves considerably and they also become very careful with how they cook because they don’t want to waste anything because they see those waste numbers constantly.

So steak doneness which is obviously one of the most important things that we do in an outback improves dramatically and it’s very rare that we have a steak go back because we missed the cooking temp that you were looking for. That’s been a big improvement for us as a company.

Altametrics, I think is a great restaurant software for us personally. I think that it has helped us save labor where we don’t spend as much time in the office. I find that we’re using Altametrics for restaurant scheduling. It cuts a lot of our time, I find that as a food management tool and as a platform is something that every company should use.

If you decide that you need a report to look a certain way or you need the restaurant software to behave in a certain direction. If you’re capable of articulating what you want you have a better than even chance of getting it. I don’t find that with every partner. So for me, Altametrics has been a superb partner. I’ve never really had any complaints and it’s been well over 15 years now with multiple organizations and that dynamic has not changed in the product.

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Accounting is a very important part of running a business. It's the backbone for making decisions, keeping detailed records, and planning your future. Even restaurants need to use an accounting system to help them keep track of their finances, manage inventory, and track customer billing. In this blog post, we're going to take a look at some different types of accounting used in restaurants. From cash-based accounting to accrual-based accounting, we'll reveal what makes each type unique and successful.
Accounting software helps businesses manage and track their financial transactions. It is used to record and process accounting procedures such as accounts payable and receivable, payroll, invoices, and inventory. Running a successful restaurant has a seemingly endless array of moving parts, and finding the right software helps automate some of them, keep up with tax laws and deadlines, and avoid fines.
Accounting is the process of recording, analyzing and summarizing financial transactions. It's important for business owners to account their income and expenses in order to stay aware of their company's finances. Different methods exist for accounting a restaurant, but one that is most common is the cash accounting method.