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altametrics enterprise office

Be a Business Intelligence Analyst With Altametrics Enterprise Office

Altametrics developed a set of tools capable of harnessing the power of an entire team of business intelligence analysts. The suite of tools is aimed at those with a forward-thinking mentality who are ready to launch their business into the future.
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Eight Business Management Software Products to Increase Company Profits

More companies today continue to rely on integrated software for business intelligence, transactional analysis, and ad hoc reporting. The implementation of a strategic business plan can and will not happen without the technology to generate data for work scheduling, timekeeping, food and cash management, and human resources.
guide to manage inventory restaurant

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Manage Inventory in a Restaurant

The main purpose of conducting inventory counts is to calculate the amount of food, supplies and other products your restaurant uses over time, which can eventually be converted to cost of goods sold and facilitate a profit and loss analysis.

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