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The future of food safety is digital

I’ve worked with many food safety temperature probes and I can tell you that zip thermometer rises above them all.

mital rawal
Mital Riwal

Manager of Product Development

Digitize Paper Logs

Real-time accountability, boosts timeliness and accuracy

food safety first

Automated Temperature Sensors

Monitor coolers and equipment 24/7

food safety first

Food safety with Altametrics has become much easier which means we can devote more time to helping our guests and seeing their smiles on their faces.

will belmont

Will Belmont

Mooyah Store Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is restaurant food safety software?

It's a digital tool used to manage and track food safety procedures in a restaurant, including food storage temperature monitoring and HACCP compliance.

What features does food safety software offer?

Features include temperature tracking, allergen management, HACCP plan creation and tracking, food storage and rotation management, and audit/inspection management.

How does food safety software help with temperature monitoring?

Software can track temperatures of refrigerators, freezers, and food storage areas in real-time and alert staff when temperatures fall outside of safe ranges.

How does it ensure compliance with regulations?

The software provides HACCP plan templates and helps restaurants track and document food safety procedures, making it easier to comply with regulations.