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Boost your business operations with real-time reporting and data-driven informed decision-making.

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Find out what happened, why it happened and what can you do about it



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It's Not Reporting, It's ESP.

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Operations excellence achieved by sharing real-time KPIs. Makes multi-unit managment a breeze

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Daily Activity Report (DAR)

Your sales, labor numbers, speed of service and more, in your pocket

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My Hong Kong team can opt to see all their business intelligence reporting in US dollars and that reporting is done on the fly to make it very valuable for the team in that market.

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Zerrick Pearson

Five Guys Vice President of Information Technology

Business Intelligence Defined

business intelligence defined

Business Intelligence

Make everyone a genius. The answers to all your questions are finally here.

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We love reports as much as you do. That's why creating your own reports is so easy.

What Altametrics business intelligence is doing for my operators is telling them where they need to put most of their attention. So to me, that is a tool that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Everyone should use it.

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Michael Shasavari

Taco Bell Franchisee

Loss prevention watches your business every second, so you don't have to

stop theft

Stop Theft Before It Happens

Real-time exception analysis

Put cash in its place

Cash office reconciles your tills, down to the penny

As a franchise company, we need to know what all the sales are in our stores so Altametrics Business Intelligence was able to develop a system that could get that information for us.

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Alan Thompson

Gi Gi’s Cupcakes President

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is restaurant business intelligence important?

Restaurant BI helps to optimize operations, improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue and profitability, and make informed business decisions.

What are the main sources of data in restaurant BI?

Sales data, customer feedback, inventory levels, employee performance, and market trends are the main sources of data in restaurant BI.

How can restaurant BI help with menu optimization?

Restaurant BI can help to identify the most popular dishes, understand customer preferences, and determine which menu items are driving sales. This information can be used to optimize menu offerings and pricing.

How can restaurant BI help with staffing decisions?

Restaurant BI can provide insights into staff performance, labor costs, and scheduling needs. This information can be used to make informed staffing decisions and improve the overall efficiency of the restaurant.

What are the main challenges of implementing restaurant BI?

The main challenges of implementing restaurant BI include data integration, data accuracy, and the ability to analyze and interpret large amounts of data.

How can restaurant BI support marketing efforts?

Restaurant BI can provide insights into customer behavior, purchasing habits, and preferences. This information can be used to support marketing efforts by targeting specific customer segments with personalized promotions and offers.