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My name is Hannah Diane, when I am not writing or creating, I am likely out running, biking, or singing. I have played the piano for over twenty years and am a musician and songwriter in my spare time. I love traveling any distance to any land for sushi. I frequently can be caught dancing around with my Yorkie, Chai, and German Shepherd, Sissy, who is currently back in Colorado with my mother--my best friend.

Recent Articles and Publications

Loyalty Incentives- Ways To Get Loyal Customers To Stick With You

Loyalty incentives are not just about attracting new customersit's about retaining them too. For most businesses, it's easier to capture new customers than it is to keep them.

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Digital Kitchens- The Future of Cooking and Restaurants

You might think that a kitchen is a kitchen is a kitchen, but the future of cooking is already here. I'm talking about digital kitchens. Digital kitchens are kicking us into the future! Watch out!

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Cybersecurity- How to obtain and what to expect of business intel

As the world becomes more and more digital, cyberattacks are becoming a problem. The good news is that you can prevent these attacks from happening with cybersecurity. May positive results prevail!

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The Agrarian Revolution and How To Navigate Its Importance

The agrarian revolution is important to history and how businesses operate on a supply and demand chain scale. For connection to future endeavors by knowing agriculture and how it has revolutionized.

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Metaverse Marketing- The Journey to the Future of Interactive Media.

Consumers are more invested in online interactions, instead of focusing on traditional marketing tactics such as advertising and sales. A customer-centric approach called "Metaverse Marketing." .

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The Farm to Table Movement- It's a Whole New Way of Eating.

The farm to table movement is an eco-friendly way of eating that has benefits for the both the environment and the health of billions. Farm to table enhances dining and diminishes diseases.

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How To Stay Safe and Productive With Hands Free Technology.

When it comes to staying safe and productive, hands free technology is a must. Whether you're driving, working, or running an errand, this type of technology has made our daily lives easier.

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How to Build a Culture Cuisine Menu and Grow Your Business.

Culture cuisine can help your business by establishing brand loyalty and set expectations for what your restaurant is all about. With culture evolving, cuisine can remain constant on varietal menus.

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The Rise of the Supply Chain- How it Has Shaped Modern Business.

The supply chain is the flow of goods between the producer and the customer. It is the process by which companies manage their operations through all stages of production, distribution, and support.

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Data Banks- Behind-The-Scenes of a Data Bank & What They Can Do.

Many people are using data banks to store their personal information. These days, the convenience of digital storage and accessibility is more welcomed than a paper file cabinet.

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Employee Data Technology- How This Trend is Transforming Your Organization.

Companies are realizing that they need to embrace employee data technology to compete in the modern workforce in order to optimize business. Employees are the mold of the business model for businesses

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Supply And Demand Management- The Best Ways To Manage Your Supply Chain.

Supply And Demand Management allow companies to scale production more efficiently. Corps adjust their supply chains to meet customer demand and increase profits in a highly competitive market.

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