Radhika Sathe-Patwardhan


Radhika Sathe-Patwardhan comes with almost 15 years of experience in print and digital media. With an MA in Fashion & Lifestyle under her belt, she has been the Editor of a luxury lifestyle magazine as well as Features Editor at Femina, India’s leading women’s magazine, before shifting gears to diversify her career pathway.

With a deep interest in acquiring knowledge about different topics, Radhika Sathe-Patwardhan ventured into the field of writing almost 15 years back after doing her graduation in Fashion Design. After a few years of working as a Feature Writer and Graphic Designer with Femina, India’s leading women’s magazine, she went on to do an MA in Fashion & Lifestyle from the United Kingdom before returning back to India to expand her wings in the field of magazine journalism. She not only was the founding editor of a luxury lifestyle magazine, but she also returned to Femina as a Features Editor and headed one of its regional editions. Having written across different topics in lifestyle and beyond, for both print and digital, she is further expanding her wings and shifting gears to diversify her career pathway as a content writer with Altametrics.

Topic / Areas of Interest

Fashion, Food, Beauty, Wellness

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