Sanchari Chatterjee


I am a former journalist based in Delhi, India, now a content writer with Altametrics. I would call myself a writer and a lazy reader with a pile of books lying idle and a super active Netflix connection. Have studied English Literature, now picking up Digital Marketing and Branding, Communications.

I started my career as a journalist with Times of India, then moved to India Today and other companies, worked for 8 years in different media roles before moving to walk a new path. Now working as a content writer for Altametrics, where I dwell on a range of topics for the F&B industry. Apart from being an active content consumer, I am interested in photography, painting and reading. Have been learning the ropes of digital photography and also looking for the next best thriller to read, so if you have found anything new, ping!

Topic / Areas of Interest

politics, climate change, world affairs, photojournalism

Recent Articles and Publications

3 top reasons your managers should always earn their bonuses

When it comes to bonuses, managers should always earn them. Here are top reasons why- 1. It motivates them to do their best. 2. It ensures that they are always thinking about the company's bottom line

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How to make sure you will always meet labor goals before you run payroll

If you are responsible for running payroll, there are a few things you can do to make sure you will always meet labor goals. First, make sure you have an accurate headcount of your employees.

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