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I’ve worked with many food safety temperature probes and I can tell you that zip thermometer rises above them all.

mital rawal
Mital Riwal

Manager of Product Development

Food Safety Case Study

At Altametrics we work with some of the most successful clients in the world. So our food safety standard for developing a new product are extremely high. Every great product starts out as a simple idea and after hours of research, design, prototyping and testing, that idea comes to life. With lightning fast response times, impeccable accuracy, bluetooth technology and a beautiful sleek design. Zip thermometer is unlike any other temperature probe on the market.

Our mission at Altametrics has always been to provide service to others while increasing the efficiency at which they operate. I’ve worked with many food safety temperature probes and I can tell you that zip thermometer rises above them all. I’ve seen my product management team members put themselves in the end user’s shoes for months to ensure that we’re putting out the best piece of equipment we can. I’ve seen them go back to the drawing board because the design fell just short of perfect and we cannot settle for anything less than perfect. The end result that you see here is a clean, beautiful, efficient temperature probe that works seamlessly with our ziphaccp food safety application.

We’ve been working on this project for quite a while and when I think back to when we first started and all the time and effort put in to making sure that whoever uses this device is going to have the best experience possible. It’s pretty remarkable when you arrive at the finished product and get to see your entire vision come into fruition.

We always strive to release food safety products that are both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. Zip thermometer is no exception. There’s nothing that compares to the gratification of knowing you helped create something that is gonna make life a lot easier for a lot of people. So that we can help owners and operators at a fair price.

Whenever a company wants to create a new product, the biggest hurdle is coming up with a spec. They have their idea and vision, but they can’t quite paint the full picture. Designing new products always has unique challenges, but we did a great job of making sure zip thermometer has a design that is both modern and functional. We worked tirelessly to ensure that every single board was constructed flawlessly. So that everyone that uses this product is able to have a seamless food safety experience.

Ease of use is a huge priority for us so we made sure that zip thermometer is ready to go right out of the box without the need for any calibration. Zip thermometer is going to save our customers valuable time by allowing temperatures to be registered and saved directly into our ziphaccp food safety application in seconds. It completely eliminates the need to use traditional pencil and paper. Our precision temperature tracking technology keeps our customers and their brands safe at all times.

As a software company, we have surpassed to the next level. We not only have powerful software applications to help businesses operate efficiently but now we have our first accompanying hardware product. We really feel that we accomplished something that would have been considered impossible. It has been a long and fruitful road, but at Altametrics the sky is the limit.

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food safety first
Automated Temperature Sensors

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food safety first
Digitize Paper Logs

The increased use of technology and automation has helped prevent increasing incidents of foodborne illnesses. That is because many of these technological advances can allow for inspection of different areas in a facility, quick detection of temperature changes, and even control over the ventilation system. Ensuring your restaurant's food is safe to eat is an important responsibility. You want to make sure you follow all the applicable food safety guidelines, including proper sanitation and handwashing procedures in place. Technology is the best way to ensure that.

In this day and age, with the risk of foodborne illnesses, people are getting more and more worried about their food safety. In addition, with the advancement of technology in recent years, restaurants have had to adapt by upgrading their systems to keep their customers safe.

Here are some food safety tips on using technology to enhance your restaurant's food management.

  • Implement sensors to detect changes in temperature and humidity that could indicate an outbreak such as salmonella.
  • UV cameras to check on surface moisture levels which can indicate whether the fruit and vegetables are still safe to eat.
  • Automatic doors, which can make sure everyone gets into the facility safely.
  • Use other gadgets for monitoring and maintaining food safety levels.

As technology is constantly evolving in today's society, people are becoming increasingly interested in modern trends in the food industry. As a result, restaurants with a high level of customer service and great food attract more customers. In addition, with the various advances provided by technology, restaurants can offer convenient services to their customers through digital signage or mobile apps. Some of how you can use technology to enhance your restaurant's food safety practices include using electronic menus, following up on social media interactions, tracking inventory levels, and providing a secure payment system.

Automated Temperature Sensors

There are many benefits of automated temperature sensors for restaurants. Installing them in different restaurant areas will help monitor the temperature of various sections and areas. That will help restaurants create a better environment for customers while decreasing overall costs. These sensors can also alert management if there is an issue with the cooling or heating, which will allow them to find a solution quickly. Here are some ways to install these low-cost, effective sensors in your restaurant.

Temperature is a critical aspect of the food industry. It is the most important factor in determining how long it takes for a food item to be prepared and how quickly it spoils. The food temperature can also affect the health benefits of a meal and its flavor. A recent study conducted by Cornell University found that if restaurants were able to use automated sensors to track their temperatures, they would have significant savings on energy costs and cooking time. In addition, this would allow restaurants to have more accurate information on what they are selling and when they need to make adjustments. Some benefits of automating your restaurant's temperature monitoring system include saving money, reducing risks of spoilage, and increasing customer satisfaction.

It is challenging to keep your food fresh when it is in the oven or trying to come up with new dishes. One way to make sure your food is fresh is by using automated temperature sensors. These devices can tell you the temperature, how long it will be in the oven, and how long it will take for your dish to be ready. With this information, you know precisely when it gets too hot or too cold and needs to go back into the kitchen. The sensors also help create a uniform temperature throughout the restaurant so that your food does not become uneven due to variations in heat.

Automated temperature sensors have become a standard fixture in restaurants over the past few years. These devices allow busy owners to keep track of their food and their customers' dining experience, from temperature-controlled displays to digital monitors. These devices are so popular because they give restaurant owners a way to be more efficient with their time and improve customer satisfaction.




Food safety with Altametrics has become much easier which means we can devote more time to helping our guests and seeing their smiles on their faces.

will belmont
Will Belmont

Mooyah Store Manager

We started using Altametrics restaurant software and it has helped us in keeping up with our food safety. Checking the temperature on a daily basis can be a time consuming task, however with e-restaurant and the Bluetooth thermometer it becomes a breeze.

The restaurant software has allowed us to have more time with our guests while still making sure we are compliant with all food safety laws. It has been such a big relief to us knowing that our results are accurate and time stamped. It makes it easy to verify and show our diligence in maintaining a safe food environment.

The days of using pen and paper on a clipboard are over. The restaurant software has made brought us into the 21st century and we could not be any happier. Food safety with Altametrics has become much easier which means we can devote more time to helping our guests and seeing their smiles on their faces. The restaurant software even sends us alerts to remind us when to do the line checks. It’s simple.

Working with Altametrics and e-restaurant has never been so seamless. Their focus on food safety in their restaurant software has made us more efficient and saves us a lot of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's a digital tool used to manage and track food safety procedures in a restaurant, including food storage temperature monitoring and HACCP compliance.
Features include temperature tracking, allergen management, HACCP plan creation and tracking, food storage and rotation management, and audit/inspection management.
Software can track temperatures of refrigerators, freezers, and food storage areas in real-time and alert staff when temperatures fall outside of safe ranges.
The software provides HACCP plan templates and helps restaurants track and document food safety procedures, making it easier to comply with regulations.