10 Logical Steps to Improving Company Culture

10 Functional Ways to Improve Company Culture

Building and maintaining a great company culture requires both hard work and dedication. In order to stay competitive and innovative, businesses must continually invest in improving company culture.

Notable benefits of great company culture include-

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Team building opportunities
  • Top talent staff members
  • Employee recognition for hard work
  • People work together well
  • Company goals accomplished
  • Solid core values
  • Long term success
  • Heightened brand reputation
  • Respect for senior management
  • Raised employee satisfaction
  • Employees feel valued
  • Formulation of new ideas
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Employees know what is expected
  • Bottom line profitability
  • Customer service improvements
  • Optimal employee experience
  • Employees care about company core values
  • Employee feedback is welcomed
  • Productive work environment
  • Boosted employee retention
10 functional methods to improve company culture include-

1. Unlimited PTO

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Employees want to feel trusted and respected by both human resources and senior management professionals. Top talent employees know not only how to manage their own schedules, but also when they are the most productive.

As a result, many businesses with great organizational culture are offering employees unlimited paid time off and vacation time. In tandem, many businesses are allowing employees to work from home every day whether they are classified as full or part time workers.

2. Geographical Freedom

Improving company culture is easier than ever before with the ability for employees to work together from virtually anywhere in the world. Sitting through traffic every day on the way to a traditional, drab office work environment is no longer required with remote capabilities that enable employees to work from wherever they want.

The environment employees work in makes a substantial difference in the quality of the work they produce. From Bali to Berlin, businesses that provide employees with the opportunity to work remotely from abroad are discovering that their team members return with valuable new ideas and perspectives.

3. Group Activities

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Group activities are great team building opportunities and a reliable way to improve company culture. Whether a group fitness class or an all inclusive cruise for every employee in the office, team building activities are a fantastic method for formulating a strong culture of collaboration and camaraderie.

4. Core Values

Senior management and human resources should make sure that their core company values and company goals are in alignment with the benefits they offer employees. For example, if company values and the company mission are focused on innovation and exploration, employees who bring new ideas to the enterprise could be rewarded a financial bonus.

5. Water Cooler Moments

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Both senior management and employees know how important informal conversations can be for developing new ideas and strengthening workplace relationships. To increase the likelihood of water cooler moments, enterprises should make sure that water, coffee, and food items supplied by the business are in a location that encourages socializing.

6. Creative Events

Breaking up the monotony of the workday is one thing bound to improve company culture and the employee experience overall. For example, several times a year, every employee might be allowed to join another team to work on an engaging project. Not only will employees see how other people work in the office, but creative events encourage employees to form new ideas collaboratively.

7. Team Meetings

The ability to work remotely is widely recognized as a workplace culture improvement. However, some employees want occasional opportunities to meet with their coworkers in person.

For those employees, human resources and senior management professionals should make sure to provide face to face events in order to secure long term organizational culture satisfaction.

8. Recognizing Team Members

Improving company culture can be as simple as increasing recognition for hard work performed. Rewarding and recognizing top talent employees increases both employee retention rates and the employee experience overall.

9. Volunteer Days

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Especially for a business whose core values are community oriented, volunteer days are a great method to improve company culture in a meaningful and long term way. When human resources and senior management give employees the opportunity to work together towards accomplishing common company goals a great culture is formed.

10. Employee Feedback

Great company cultures put a heavy emphasis on employee feedback. Employees feel valued and important when their opinions are heard, which additionally boosts long term employee retention levels.

Increasingly, enterprises are finding that the best way to improve company culture is to simply ask for employee feedback and find meaningful opportunities to implement it.

Key Takeaways

  • Businesses are finding company culture important to both their brand reputation and bottom line profits.
  • From team building exercises to unlimited paid time off, there are virtually endless opportunities to improve company culture.