Priyanka Bhadani


A features writer for 12+ years with some of the most reputed Indian publications including The Week and Indian Express, I have written on food, art, culture, theatre, media and films. Experimenting with different forms of content, journalistic as well as creative for print, audio and video has been a huge part of my career.

I have been a journalist for over 12.5 years, covering lifestyle, food, media, entertainment, art, culture, theatre, and sometimes politics. Before my association with Altametrics, I was with The Week (Malayala Manorama Group) magazine in Mumbai for 4.5 years. During that period, I was closely associated with reporting, writing, editing and proofreading copies besides organising the sections delegated to me. Prior to that, I worked for Screen (The Indian Express) where I was closely associated with writing and editing copies for the weekly magazine focussed on the entertainment industry. While I was still with the magazine, it was acquired by the Star India group. Consequently, I got an opportunity to work as an executive producer with Disney+ Hotstar. I spent close to two years at the media behemoth when it was at a nascent stage and experimenting with content for streaming. In the process, I learned how different forms of content remarkably helps in enhancing a business. I have also worked with Indiantelevision.com that helped me understand writing for a business-to-business vertical. My first full-time and one of the longest stints was with The Asian Age (Delhi). It was there that I learned everything about journalism -- the intricacies of writing and reporting, the importance of analyzing, comparing, contrasting, relating, and examining any content before it is published/put out for consumption.

Topic / Areas of Interest

Food, art, culture, theatre, media, films and business of entertainment

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