Cynthia Vespia


Cynthia Vespia is a content marketing writer and creative copywriter. She has over 10+ years of experience writing marketing copy across digital platforms with a solid understanding of SEO principles to drive business. Excellent editing and proofreading skills. Keen ability to tailor writing voice to match the message of the brand. Cynthia is also a published fantasy author and former fitness competitor.

Cynthia Vespia is a content marketing writer and creative copywriter developing premium content for start-ups and established names in business to drive brand messaging.
Cynthia has over 10+ years of experience writing marketing copy across digital platforms with a solid understanding of SEO principles to increase business retention. She is also a published author in fantasy and self-help books.
As an author, and digital storyteller, Cynthia understands how to make an impact with words by articulating a brand's unique messaging across a variety of platforms including website pages, blog posts, e-mail marketing, social media campaigns and more to boost customer/client engagement. With excellent editing and proofreading skills, and a keen ability to tailor the writing voice to match that of the brand, she can adapt to a wide range of industries.

Topic / Areas of Interest

My specializations and experience include, but are not limited to
• Health and Wellness
• Fitness and Nutrition
• Corporate Wellness Programs
• Medical Service Descriptions
• Preventative Medicine
• Holistic Healing
• Naturopathic/Alternative Medicine
• Healthcare Technology
• Spa and Skincare
• Chiropractic Care/Physical Therapy
• Sports Reporting
• Hospitality

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