Siddharth Rai


A professional journalist with over 12 years of experience in mainstream media.
Having been a part of many breaking stories as journalist, I aspire to become a writer and food blogger in future.
I am a foodie by nature, always enjoy exploring good street food while on the go.
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and Atal Behari Vajpayee are two personalities who inspire me the most. Their simplicity while achieving so much in life is an inspiration for me.
Simple living and easy go ahead is how I take my life further. My hobbies are listening Indian music, enjoying good food, cricket, cooking, reading and writing.

I am a digital media professional with over 12 years of experience as a journalist with several mainstream media organizations. I have been a part of many breaking stories and big events throughout my career so far. I want to grow and establish myself as a writer, traveller and food blogger in coming years.
Worked as Deputy Editor with India Cellular and Electronics Association
Worked as Chief Copy Editor with Times of India online
Worked as Associate Producer with NewsX
Worked as Assistant Editor with VLMS Publishers
Worked as Staff Reporter with Hindustan Times Education:-
MA in Mass Communication
MSc in Mathematics
Graduate in Science (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry) Hobbies:-
Listening to Indian music, enjoying good food, cricket, cooking, reading and writing.

Topic / Areas of Interest

Politics, Sports, Food Blogging

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